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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Just eliminate wheat!

Ancient wheat was one thing...

It took people away from hunting and gathering, and made their nutrition much worse, of course.
(Much less in the way of nutrients, and more in the way of anti-nutrients).

But that is an ancient tale!  Let's move into the present:

Modern Wheat was developed in the 1970's, in a response to the perceived food shortage that loomed before us.  The poor would starve!  In a well-meaning effort, geneticists developed wheat strains (and this was pre-GMO) that would out produce any wheat in existence- in spades!

The result- wheat crops that produced huge amounts of "wheat"... unfortunately, this "wheat" was not the same as the biblical wheat that had existed for so long.  It had... more lectins (anti-nutrients), and otherwise so confused our digestive systems that it started causing:

  1. The greatest epidemic of diabetes in History
  2. Obesity to run rampant
  3. Heart disease to affect vast numbers
And that is just a few effects of modern wheat!

If you would try one thing, and one thing only in your life, I would recommend this:

Eliminate Wheat!

Don't try to do anything else.  Just get this one thing out of your diet!  Eat sugar.  Smoke cigarettes.  Do whatever- but don't eat wheat.  Try it for a month.

This one experiment will prove to you that you don't need to suffer high blood pressure, acid reflux, obesity, diabetes... isn't that enough?

Just get rid of wheat for one month!

If you do that one thing, I believe you will be convinced!

That's about 50% of the battle...

We can deal with the rest later.

Check out this link to Wheat Belly by Dr. William Davis: Why eliminate WHEAT??

There is all the information you need.  Or, JUST DO IT- eliminate Wheat!

The science is all there, but...that's really ALL you need to know.

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