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Friday, February 24, 2012

Take a Pill? Or, take a Paleo "Pill"!

As I write these words, I am downloading a slide show with an accompanying song that I threw together.
Don't worry- the slide show is about 1 minute, as is the song...  the intent is to show that there is an alternative to taking drugs to treat the ills brought about by our modern, processed diet:

Mainly, by returning to a real foods diet of meats, natural fats, vegetables and fruits!

(What a concept!)

I know, it sounds insane, just eating foods as they have come forever through nature, as God created them for us...  crazy!  I mean, of course we know that we can do better- just load foods up with as much refined sugar, grain "fillers" (which come out as the same as sugar, but with gut deteriorating compounds built in), throw in some high fructose corn syrup guaranteed to ruin our livers, and hey-

Diabetes, obesity, heart disease, cancer, and all the other diseases of modern civilization are all there for us everyone!!

There is an alternative to taking massive doses of drugs that have side effects that are, in many cases, worse than the disease they are supposedly taken to prevent.

Most of our modern drugs and pills are there to somehow correct our nearly complete, modern addiction to sugar and starch!  For instance, as Jill Escher, author of "Farewell, Club Perma-chub"puts it:

"Diabetes is simply sugar and starch poisoning"  

She is 100% right!

And, if diabetes patients were simply told that, how many would wake up and cut back their sugars and starches??  Quite a few, I believe...

And, if people were simply told by their Doctor, whom they believe is really looking at restoring their health, and not just prescribing drugs that he has been told to prescribe... if they were told that eating good fats and protein for breakfast would be the perfect antidote to their sugar-and-grain addiction- 

What huge health ends would THAT not achieve ??

At any rate, here is my song/slideshow:

When I was a youngster
I ate all that there was
I didn't need to worry- I ate it- just because
I’m gonna eat my fill 
if it makes me ill
I’ll just take a pill 
Now I’ve gotten older
My health is not so great
I’m feeling kind of slow
My blood work- I just hate
I’m gonna eat my fill
if it makes me ill
I’ll just take a pill
I know that bread is poison
Sugar makes me sick
I like to eat fast food alot
And I don’t care a lick
I’m gonna eat my fill
if it makes me ill
I’ll just take a pill


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