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Monday, October 28, 2019

Be Your Own Batman on PaleoJay's Smoothie Cafe podcast

I know- this sounds like an extremely unlikely focus for a paleo podcast: you know, eating and living in accordance with our genetic programming, living ancestrally in the manner (as much as possible) in which we evolved.  But bear with me…

Aside from eating ancestrally (no grains, or at least very little and properly prepared ones like with sour dough ala Weston A. Price), adequate pastured meats, eggs, and dairy along with plenty of vegetables and some fruits like berries or citrus, and sweetening with raw honey and maple syrup- we also need to live according to ancestral principals.  

Ancient, paleolithic peoples lived in tribes.  Such a grouping of people is the healthiest, most natural way for humans to not only survive, but to thrive!  We always focus on the survival, and mostly the health related bits of the paleo lifestyle.  Like, what can we do to maximize our healthiness and fitness- Perfectly Paleo Exercise, utilizing things like virtual resistance, stretching, walking and running barefoot, and living in contact with the natural world as much as possible.  I mean, my podcast and all the other paleo podcasts and written materials go into great detail about all of these things.  

But the most important thing of all to paleo people was The Grand Narrative!

This is the story, the story of the people of the tribe.  Think of important stories, like The Odyssey, and Beowulf!  Those are wonderful classical examples, but I guarantee you that each and every successful paleolithic tribe had important stories about the heroes of their own tribe that were chanted about the campfires of an evening, pointing out the rare greatness and heroism of their own people!  Such stories energized the folk to aspire to greatness, to sacrifice and to aspire to be a mighty warrior, or a beautiful woman with a loving family, or to the elder who counciled with hard-won wisdom both war strategies and planning for the future by provisioning the tribe for a harsh winter…

Without such a narrative, people are left rudderless; unable to see a purpose to their survival!  But, with a good narrative, a reason to work, and to strive- not only for oneself, or even for the good of your own immediate family- but for the good of the tribe and God himself:  this is what truly inspires an individual to greatness.  

My 4 year old grandson stayed with us for a couple of days this week.  He idolizes Batman, and I get it- Batman to him is Odysseus!  A great hero, someone with great strength and power, who works tirelessly for the overall good- someone to emulate!  I don’t think he could do much better, really.  We naturally figure such things out, if not misled, at the ripe old age of FOUR.

Think of modern, Neolithic, non paleo people.  Those who live in cities and suburbs, buying into the modern tropes and misinformation of our times:  They are not concerned with timeless values and the goals of Living Well, Being Good, Protecting Our Tribe from Evil, etc. Etc. 

No, modern ultracivilized and brainwashed people, cut off from nature, focus on what they have been Misled to Believe by the very enemies of their natural tribe:

Climate Change Bad!
Orange Man Bad!
Borders Bad!
All Food Same- Health Only From Doctors and Drugs!
Not Arrest Criminals- No Fair!!

And the worst of all: Our Tribe Bad!  Tribe Privilege!!

See the utter nonsense, the brainwashing here?  The lack of a people’s grand narrative that would, in contrast, display the utter idiocy of such fake thinking??

A Paleolithic tribal person would instantly see the insanity, the evil of such a fake narrative, obviously concocted by an enemy of the tribe.  They would remember Achilles, and Hercules, and other great men of their tribe and culture, and know that now they were needed to fight such villainy!  

And so can we, paleo people of today, see the nonsense and the evil here.  But who is the modern hero we can identify with??

Well, just like a 4 year old, we can try to be like the BATMAN!

He is just like an ancient Paleo, or early civilization hero- 

He fights for the right, when even the rulers will not.  He is strong and valiant, courageous and mighty.  He protects the downtrodden, whether oppressed by the corrupt rulers, or the criminals within society that are not being punished as they should be by the rulers!  

HE IS THE CONSCIENCE OF THE TRIBE and its right arm!!  

We don’t just build our bodily health and strength for ourselves, that would be fruitless.  We build our health and fitness for the Great Narrative- we build it to protect, regenerate, and enforce the great ideas and goals of our tribe.  Our elders, our children, and all of us together.

We build the strength and wellness of ourselves and as much as we can of our entire tribe-

And then, we do not hesitate to use it to protect us from invaders
Both from within and without.
Those that try to destroy the tenets and ideals of our tribe,
Or to commit crimes!
BOTH are anti-tribal values, and need to be stamped out.