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Monday, September 23, 2019

Your MD is a Snake Oil Salesman podcast on Paleojays smoothie cafe

Now I don’t mean that all doctors are snake oil peddlers, showing up on your Main street with bottles of white lightning mixed with cocaine like they did in the old days… but, in many cases, not only are their many prescriptions often worthless, many are downright harmful.  Just as were those of those snake oil salesmen doctors in the 1800’s!  

Now, Clark Stanley was an archetypal medicine man of the old Western era, and his oil was sold far and wide throughout the U.S. Now, the original ‘snake oil’ was a real remedy from the fat of a Chinese water snake that figured large in Chinese medicine.  But the wild west alternative was usually liquor, turpentine, and chili peppers mixed with mineral oil.  Yum!  But oftentimes is also had opium also mixed in, and with the combination of the liquor, I’m sure it did make the drinker feel temporarily- well, if not better, well at least he was so dizzy he didn’t feel his aches and pains as acutely for a while.

Fast forward to today, and although doctors give the illusion of professionalism, of being ‘men and women of science’- truly, by and large they are not!  They are capable of amazing feats of last-ditch repair- kind of as auto mechanics of the human body, where they can keep you going after a bad wreck- but they know nothing of how to stay healthy.  Their nostrums and potions, the NSAIDS and statins, the high blood pressure medications, the anti-depressents and all the rest- they only treat the symptoms of whatever chronic sickness you have.  Nothing they do or recommend can treat the root cause; in fact, they don’t usually even go there.  The general conclusion to any query of ‘What causes this (or that) disease is- no one knows!’  

Hardly confidence inspiring, is it?  Right on par with old Clark Stanley saying “Just drink from this here bottle, every day and twice on Sunday, & you will be right as rain my friend!”

The true takeaway about this failure of modern medicine (for that is what it is- a complete failure- a corporate decision by modern medical clinics and hospitals, drug manufacturers, the AMA and all the other big conglomerate decision makers- is to take the money and run!  Just like old ‘Snake Oil Clark.  He didn’t know the actual cause (or the real cure) of disease either.  He just gave you something that made him money (1st priority), that also made you kind of forget your pains for a bit. (2nd priority)  And that’s pretty much what’s happening today, with modern medicine and its approach to chronic disease.

“Here, Mrs. Jones,” said the man in the white coat.  “Take these pills, and then you don’t need to change your diet and lifestyle to cure your (diabetes/obesity/high blood pressure/chron’s disease/arthritis/ depression etc etc etc fill in the blank disease).  Just go ahead eating your high processed carbs and sugar diet, wash it down with corn syrup sweetened soft drinks, but  be sure to only fry your chicken nuggets in soy or other industrial vegetable seed oils! Oh, and try to walk a few minutes each day, and avoid stress by watching lots of TV.  And cut calories as much as possible!  Also, avoid too much sleep, since you burn more calories when you are awake.”  

This is only a slight exaggeration, since good advice almost never comes from a medical ‘professional’; at least about true health.  

But what would ‘Snake Oil PaleoJay’ recommend to you?  Well, pretty much what your great grandparents would have told you: First, they would have said- ‘ Your health care is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY!  No one elses- no doctor, no clinic, no government, NO ONE- Just YOU!’  
Then, they would go into particulars.

‘Eat lots of vegetables, and good God made fats like butter, ghee, lard and tallow.  Avoid anything that is processed by big industry- fast food, restaurant food for the most part, sweets of all kinds, and refined breads and other grain products.  Load up on wonderful foods as made by nature, like pastured eggs and meats, wild caught sea food, and raw dairy.  Eat naturally fermented foods, and above all get out in Nature and exercise vigorously, on a daily basis!  Breathe fresh country air, get out of crowded, smoggy cities with their chemicalized air and water, and raise as much of your own food as you can, preparing it in your own kitchen.  And sleep a good 8 hours each and every night in a cool dark room, without any sort of television or other electrical monstrosity blazing away, disturbing your mind and psyche.  Oh, and go to church every Sunday, and give thanks for your natural God given health and wellness, which will only remain if you avoid DRUGS of all sorts, illegal and, especially nowadays- LEGAL DRUGS! ‘

Listen to your great grandparents!  They knew that ol’ Snake Oil Stanley was a charlatan, just like the ‘Rain Man’ that came through town was.  And one more thing they would advise: ‘ Never go to the doctor unless you absolutely have to- meaning you break a limb, get an infectious disease like typhoid or pneumonia, get shot, or need an amputation of a gangrenous arm or leg!’

Great Grandma and Grandpa knew: doctors were a ‘necessary evil’, something every small town needed only one of, and only on rare occasions.  

Just like Snake Oil Stanley!