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Friday, November 29, 2019

Responsibility is the Meaning of Your Life on PaleoJay's Smoothie Cafe

We live nowadays in a highly complex, interdependant Western civilization.  This means that every person within that complex TRIBE needs to pull their own weight, and MORE!

Only by such action have we built this amazing edifice where machinery works, where our huge cities used to work (more on that later), and science and progress continues onward, unabated.  It is by adult men, primarily, realizing that their purpose in life is to work hard to assist others, and to stop those other men who do not do so.  Those parasites who are a threat and a drain, rather than an asset.

We have reached a point in our Western civilization, laboriously reared up by our European ancestors over thousands of years, where many of our own people, and unfortunately many many more not of our own people, who have been imported, scream on and on about rights!  Of course, rights are important, like free speech and freedom of autonomy and action, and the rights to bear arms.

But now, the shrill cadence screaming they want rights are mainly speaking of gaining free stuff!  Affirmative action- reparations- welfare and more and more and more, endlessly- free stuff.  Meaning the products of Western Civilization that Western science has produced, along with endless labor of Western men over many, many generations- the cry is to simply “Give it to us!  We cannot build it, we won’t build it- but it is our RIGHT!”

Cultures that have lazed about for millenia, who are from warm climes that have no requirement, really, for hard work, preparations to survive harsh winters; who live in the moment, with not eye to the future- they are not prepared or ready for any real advanced, western notion of responsibility.  But, they do know what they want, which is everything WE have produced!

Our young men have reached a point where they don’t feel a sense of purpose.  They are reviled as having ‘white privilege’, which is utter nonsense.  They are also hated as racists, when any younger white person has been browbeat and indoctrinated to the point where they spend most of their time introspectively self-examining themselves to expunge any tiny racist urge they think they might have, since they are constantly harangued about their evil natures!

Well, I am here to tell you young men of America and Europe- you have done NOTHING WRONG!  You are simply the inheritors of a wondrous culture and civilization, a place that has been created by your ancestors.  Your Ancestors have built a civilization that is the penultimate creation of mankind- Western Civilization!  

Nothing else in all of the history of mankind even comes close.  From the ancient Scythian and Germanic tribes, to ancient Greece and Rome, and then to the Enlightenment of Europe- from Homer and Shakespeare to Dickens and then to the Founding Fathers- no other culture even comes close, in ALL of history!  

European civilization is even aped by every other culture in the world, today.  Chinese, African, South American- whatever you can name, the leaders in those places copy European dress, manners, and ways as much as they can.  They will never admit it, but they know our culture is dominant, and more- it is the BEST.

But what we have forgotten is this: that it is all because of each man in the culture, for thousands of years, has assumer RESPONSIBILITY!  

The responsibility of supporting his family; and more- of enforcing law and order within his tribe and community.  Of being a George Bailey against a sea of royal Mr. Potters- standing up for what is right.  

Nowadays, all of that is ‘uncool’.  We are supposed to be accepting.  Supportive of our so-called ‘leaders’ importing low IQ, hostile enemy tribespeople into our ancestral homelands!  

And the hostile takeover of our very cities, built by our ancestors, where we are no longer welcome!  

Well, I am here to tell you that all of this has to change, and quickly.  As a Paleo Tribesman, it is Your Responsibility!  And mine.

All of this evil has progressed for far too long, and now we are in a rearguard defensive position, unfortunately.  We have options, but each of us, especially young men with or without families yet, need to act immediately.

If you are still in school, get a real trade, as in a blue collar one ideally!  Tech colleges are great- get a trade, and then go back and finish your full degree.  Or else, finish it on your own, via computer, youtube, and self-reading ala Abraham Lincoln.

I hate to say it, but truth must be told: the major cities are done.  Think about it- they have been (successfully) invaded by low IQ tribes, with the assistance and wherewithall of our enemies within- largely the Democratic party, the earlier party of slavery and the elite.  

So, get out of major cities- that is Job #1!  Crime is off the charts, the schools are awful pits of violence and those that despise learning.  “Learning is white!”  
That is really how they think now.

Find a nice, midwestern or western small community- maybe there are some in west or the south or elsewhere- you will have to research it.  Just know that where you live, especially if you have young children and a family, is more important than just about anything else!  The reason suburbs and gated communites around major cities, along with private schools, are so expensive is that they will pay anything not to subject their children to such horrible conditions and violence, along with no learning.  (It’s white).

I am sad to introduce race into this paleo discussion, but my advice to blacks or other races would be the same: get out of big, chocolate cities!  They have become violent, evil places, and color blind or not- that is the truth.

Find a place where your neighbors have values similar to yours.  Get into a small town, or outside of a small city, where crime is enforced, and schools are good, and businesses run smoothly and efficiently.  In such a place, if you are taking up my strong recommendation to take up responsibility, you can easily find work, meaningful work, that will support you and your family, if you work responsibly in your turn for the tribe.  

The tribe of Western Civilization!

For that is what it is now.  Just as when Rome was collapsing from the utter corruption and dissolution of the elites there, (the Democrats of their time), as those elite families were encouraging the influx of outsiders into their empire, those that were like us, Paleo People just wanting to perpetuate the TRIBE of Western Civilization away from utter decadence, moved to smallholdings in places like Spain and France, where they could keep true Western Civilization alive.

And so they did.  As the once mighty edifice of Rome collapsed into decadence, (just as the EU and the USA seem intent on doing now), small colonies of escapees set up their little tribes in friendly climes, and became intent on survival.  They built walls around tribes of like-minded people, and eventually castles- the wanted to preserve Western Civilization.  

This resulted in the Middle ages, which preserved the kernel of our Civilization until the Enlightenment!  

And, I really hate to say it, and most would not agree (it is VERY politically incorrect!) as I’m sure it was in ancient Rome as well- but we are at this point.

Paleo People, those who want to save their health, along with Western Civilization itself, need to get away from the utter corruption of Big Cities in modern European countries.

And this includes the USA!  

Just as in our individual health, our healing is all in Nature.  Taking responsibility, and returning to an environment based in nature and the natural environment itself restores us to what is truly valuable in our lives.  

Don’t just live within 50 miles of where you grew up, and do over 90% of folks, for the rest of their lives!  Do some research, pick out a wonderful place, and go there.  

Tell me where it is- I’d love to hear!