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Thursday, November 14, 2019

Defend Borders, End Welfare, and Save Civilization on PaleoJays Smoothie Cafe podcast

In other words, don’t go down the same path as ancient Rome.  Rome, which lasted roughly 1000 years, spent the first 500 as a republic of small landholders, who also took time off from their farms and shops to defend the country.  They had a strong aversion to kings and other sorts of authoritarian rulers and governments, and pioneered the form of republicanism.  

This republic was a very efficient and effective government, and one which nourished freedom of speech and the individual.  Free men are much better as wariors, since they are fighting for themselves, and their own country; and not as mercenaries or hired guns with nothing at stake for themselves.  Freedom also results in a free, working capitalism, in which the citizens provide for themselves, and get to keep what they produce for the most part.  Taxes are minimal, and all are expected to provide for themselves and their families.  Minimal government is ideal for freedom in all aspects: free speech in encouraged, small direct representatives (like the ancient Senate) represent what those they represent want, not what a huge bureaucracy and its king desire for themselves.  

When Rome was a republic, it was unbeatable, and was an exclusive, nationalistic country with happy and productive citizens!  

But, after it became a centralized, monarchistic Caesar-led government after the time of Julius Caesar, it became what we would now term a globalist empire.  Now, enough was never enough!  The elites- the higher ups, the celebrities, the governmental big wigs and generals- they needed endless expansion.  The Italian peninsula was not enough- now they wanted the whole world!

And so, with endless warfare for the slaves and treasure it brought to the upper class, those small holding farmers and shopkeepers were bought out of their own homes and lands, and slaves were brought in from foreign places to work the Roman citizen’s former lands with the slaves of the elite.  The citizens were left with nothing, and went to Rome, where they were given bread and circuses (WELFARE) to keep them mollified as an increasingly diverse army of military mercenaries were brought in from Germania, primarily.  

Meanwhile, those hardy early Roman citizens degenerated into what most weak city dwellers turn into- welfare dependents, who live for the moment, since the future is not theirs to determine, but is decided by the government and the elites.  And those German soldiers were thinking ‘we are here, and we will displace and replace these degenerates.’  

Remember, Jesus would not worship Caesar as a god, since he was just another man.  But Caesar and his governors could not have that, freedom of speech had long since been eradicated.  Like all big, central governments, eventually the only solution to those who don’t conform- is death.

And so, my paleo point, my ancestral theory is that: 

Centralized government, no matter what you call it, is ultimately a KINGSHIP.  King, queen, lords and ladies; all with different names perhaps, but the same for all that!  Socialism or its near twin, Communism, always devolves into a Kingship, where those at the top take all of everything, and then dole it out as they see fit to everyone else.  To those who produce it, who do the work.

Now, who is going to work as hard as they can- if what they produce is simply taken away by force?  

No one.  Why should they?  Especially as people from far countries are brought in to also take what they produce for free?

Welfare is Socialism, and is a magnet for those who will not work, produce, learn or contribute.  And if you have open borders, you will attract an endless parade of the worst, ill-intentioned, and idle people in the world.  

Rome found this out, and died in droves, eventually.  Their King/Socialist leaders destroyed their society, while living themselves in decadent luxury and sloth, living ‘in the moment’ like human animals.  

So there you go: our goals, as paleo tribespeople, are to oppose this king/socialism at every chance we get!  To go back to the impulses that led the Founding Fathers and the early Yankees to rebel from the King and Nobles back in England.

Get out of big cities, like Rome!  Nowadays, cities like New York, San Francisco, Chicago, London, Paris and Detroit are as debauched, dangerous, and evil as Rome ever was, and becoming ever worse.  Get out into the uncontaminated countryside, and find a group of people that look, and think like yourself and your family.  Keep as separate from big government (kings) as you can, and ideally keep your children away from negative indoctrination ala the “Hitler Youth” as you can- like the governmentally controlled indoctrination centers we now call Public Schools!

Don’t listen to Big Government, big medicine, or big pharma- they are all kings, and not your friend at all.  Big media as well- almost everything they tell you in propaganda to make you believe LIES that they spread.

And live local!  Get locally grown food and other products, have good neighbors provide services, and reciprocate with your own contributions.  Live on your own land, not in a prison/apartment, and fight tooth and nail to not allow any kind of ‘integration’ (forced social unwanted mixing), section 8 housing (cancer cells being built in the middle of nice areas).  Also, insist on STRICT LAW ENFORCEMENT, while ultimately relying on that of your own, and your neighbors.  

Own a gun, or several, and become practiced in its use.  This is mandatory for individual freedom and autonomy.  All of this is part of the Paleo Prescription, although being as politically incorrect as it is, this is probably the only place where you will hear it!  

And remember: even Jesus ignored the Kinglike Rules of Rome!