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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Skip Breakfast to BURN FAT! on Paleo Quick Tips #10

Paleo Quick Tips #10

Skip breakfast to burn fat!

What do you eat for breakfast? Please go to and leave a comment- I really want to know what are common breakfast choices among you all.  
A really great breakfast choice is a Paleo Smoothie, as outlined at my website listed above, and in more detail in my eBook. Paleo Quick Start  That last is a link to the book on iTunes- at it is available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and all the other usual formats you can think of...

But , today I’m here to tell you about Skipping breakfast!  I know- it’s the most important meal of the day and all that....and, most days, I have a big glass of my Paleo Smoothie, chock-full of all sorts of vegetables, some berries, a peeled orange or two, kefir, green tea... the list goes on and on- a veritable powerhouse of nutrition!  I also have eggs, sometimes bacon and or grass fed beef sausage, perhaps some greek yogurt with some raspberries mixed in.   But, this is because on MOST days, I work out in the early morning, about 5:30 AM.  AFTER a workout is when your body is READY to rebuild, and can actually use insulin in a GOOD way, by pushing sugars and carbs to rebuild and expand your muscle tissue, instead of shunting these materials into FAT.  
Especially if your body has become accustomed to a lowish carb diet, say 30 to 50 grams per day for a week or so- then, on ONE day, (mine is almost always Sunday)- SKIP breakfast!  A number of good things will happen:
Your body will BURN FAT, since you have accustomed it to doing so already through restricting carbs throughout the week
You will NOT get hungry, since your body is happily burning its own fat for fuel, which is a very efficient fuel source, AND
A very beneficial process called AUTOPHAGY starts in your body during this brief “fast”.
This is where your body starts “cleaning house”; consuming it’s own damaged and pre-cancerous, and other “junk” cells, restoring a healthy balance.  If you are constantly eating and digesting, the body cannot perform this process- and it is a very important process indeed!  Our ancestors did NOT eat 3 , much less 5-6 meals (and snacks!) per day!  They were lucky indeed to get ONE meal, and that would usually be after exercising (stalking and killing the game that made up their one meal!).  This is how we are created, it is what our bodies need and want for maximum health.

At any rate, it’s fine if you have a cup of coffee in the morning,(mine is usually topped with heavy whipped cream, cinnamon and cloves; sometimes with a spoonful of coconut oil melted in as well- YUM!  The longer you wait to eat, the more fat you’ll burn, but don’t let yourself get hungry- have a smoothie or some eggs and bacon around noon or so, but plan your workout today (on your “fasting/relaxing” Sunday) in the afternoon...

Kettle bell swings!
2 or 3 PM is about right- make this workout a TAXING one- I don’t mean long, I just mean hard- Do things like negative pushups, hindu squats, chins and dips, kettle bell swings, leg raises- depending upon your ability just push pretty hard- it should be invigorating, and not so hard that you dread it- You should start to look forward to it- finish up with some barefoot sprinting if it’s warm out, otherwise just do intervals of your kettle bell swings or else do intervals on a stationary bike, or even just jumping up and down! Really- that’s actually a great workout move!  Exercise is addressed more fully in my other eBook, Perfectly Paleo Exercise, which is also available on iTunes, Amazon and the rest- just go to, again, and all the links are right there to click on.

Now, after your afternoon workout, is where the magic happens!  You have just achieved an Intermittant Fast- a night of sleeping (not eating then, of course), and then you extended it throughout the morning.  You have burnt a ton of fat, and worked out in a largely fasted state, especially low in carbs and sugars...Now, after your workout, it’s time to REALLY enjoy your Sunday!  
Take a shower, and then, if you’re like me, fire up your grill!  Start eating good food, PARTICULARLY CARB FOODS you don’t usually load up on- have a nice big early supper of meat or seafood, and also have sweet potatoes with plenty of pastured butter, white rice, or even sweet potato fries (cooked in coconut oil)- have a beer (or two!)- heck, today you can even have some ice cream or popcorn after supper!  (WHAT?)  Yup...

Just make sure it’s all wrapped up by 6 PM or so...  

When you wake up the next morning, I guarantee your waist will be visibly smaller, and your muscles will be larger and more defined (and stronger!) than they were the day before!  This is called “Carb backloading”, and it really does work, over and over and over again.  So, just keep your carbs pretty low throughout the week, drinking a lot of super nutritious Paleo Smoothie and eating real foods as God made them naturally and not eating processed, man made junk; eat as your Great Grandparents ate, and once per week have your Fasting/Relaxing day... 

You’ll progress as never before, with no starving, no long hours of cardio, no depletion of energy- you’ll be living in tune with your genetics, and making the inner you happy, healthy, and strong!

After doing this for a while, as I have, you will find yourself during the weeks, most nights, that you don’t even feel like having supper... Congratulations- you’ve become a “Fat Burner”; your body prefers burning fats for fuel, and will do so most of the time!

When this happens, you will burn fat every evening and night, even if you DO eat breakfast the next morning.  At this point, you have earned the right to wear a black beret and T-shirt, and hang around Paleolithic caves in France...

Oh, most folks don’t know that, in some ways I’m like Tinkerbell!  If people don’t believe in me, I start to fade away...You can make my light glow again by rating me on paleojay on iTunes, commenting on my blog (what ARE your favorite breakfast choices??), and just subscribing to this free podcast on iTunes!  Thanks for listening, and have a happy, healthy week!



hollykate334 said...

My dad told me I should eat eggs everyday, so I do. I love it! :)

PaleoJay said...

Good job, Holly- always listen to your day!