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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Paleo Quick Tips podcast number 8- why you should NOT count calories, Don't trust a FAT doctor, and negative exercises

Paleo Quick Tips #8

Why you should NOT count calories

Don’t trust a fat Doctor

Negative pushups and chinups

It should be your dietary goal, primarily, to eat as much good, real, God made food as possible!  A calorie, as was pointed out so effectively by Gary Taubes in his book “Good Calories Bad Calories”, is not just a calorie: in a steam engine this might be true (this is how the caloric theory was born; in measuring energy in engines!), but a human body- your body- is a chemical factory, teaming with hormones, and taking various energy sources (calories) that are in addition sources of nutrients and enzymes. Of course, this is only when you are eating real food- empty foods, or nearly empty “food like substances” like whole grains, sugar, flour, margarine, legumes, bread, fast food,etc. etc. have nothing your body can actually use, and can only be stored as a (rather toxic) form of body fat!  Yuck, and double yuck!

Fat in particular, fat in the form of egg yolks, coconut milk and oil, pastured butter, fat from grass fed beef... the lack of this fat is what currently:
Keeps us always hungry, and thusly:
Keeps us always FAT!

If you are counting calories, you are counting them all as “equal”- they are not!  Grass fed beef, raw dairy, fermented foods like kefir and sauerkraut, green veggies and sweet potatoes, tomatoes and peppers: these are all good calories- eat as much as you want, and then be happy- you’ll know your body is!

If you need to go see a Doctor, I mean not just to be “checked up” on a yearly basis (that you don’t really need, if you care for yourself properly through a proper diet, proper paleo exercise, ample sleep, and “tribal” i.e. family and friends harmony)- let’s say you have a real issue.  Lyme’s disease, say... By all means- go in and get treated!  This is what modern medicine does best- treat severe emergency medical emergencies!  Modern medicine was really born on the battlefields of the Civil War in America:
Saving lives by cutting off gangrenous limbs, removing bullets, saving severely wounded men from immediate impending death- and they did that, learning as they went, and they learned much more during the following two World Wars!

And this is when medicine changed from a profession to an Industry.

There is nowadays just too much money in medicine to allow health to be the goal!

So, if you get treated by this Doctor for a bullet wound or other severe problem, and then he starts making recommendations about medicines you should be taking for “health”, and how you should be eating “low fat” and with plenty of “healthy whole grains”... take a look at your doctor him or herself.  Are they fat, out of shape, flabby? Do they look like the picture of health themself??

If they do not, I would say “Thank you for (curing lyme’s disease- removing bullet- amputating my limb) and then say goodbye- it’s time to find another doctor!  Physician heal thyself... obviously they do NOT know about how to be healthy, or they would be!

What is the fastest, and most effective way to work out?  Why, negative exercises, of course!  These are also extremely simple to perform, and yield benefits way beyond what you would expect for the investment of just a few minutes of time and effort.

For a negative pushup, just get into the top of the pushup position- arms shoulder width apart, feet stretched out behind you, and resting on your toes.  And then, slowly (very slowly) just lower yourself until you are down all the way onto the floor.  Try for a 10 second lowering!  (Slow, slow, slow....)

Then, if you are strong enough, push up to the top, and start again to lower yourself- 10 seconds down.

This time, if you can’t push up, just get onto your knees to regain the top position, and immediately lower yourself...

From this point on, it doesn’t matter how you get Up into position- all we care about is the negative, lowering part of the exercise.  This is where the maximum benefit is derived!

When you finally reach the point where you are so exhausted that you can’t lower yourself as slow as a 10 second lowering- Stop!  You are done with that exercise, and have reaped all the advantages of it you can.

A good exercise to immediately follow these negative pushups would be planks-
In planks you rest your elbow on the floor to one side,supporting yourself with your forearm;  and extending your legs to one side in a “plank” like fashion, you rest your weight on both your forearm and the side of your foot, which the other foot is resting on top of.  This works your abdominals on that side.  HOLD!  That’s it for that side.

Reverse sides, assuming the same position on the other side.  HOLD!  All right, now rest both forearms on the floor in front of you, facing forwards, your feet supporting you on the toes of both feet.... HOLD    All done!

If you have a chinup bar handy, feel free to continue- You need to get a stool if it’s too high, otherwise if your bar (or tree limb!) is low enough, just get to where your chest is touching the bar.  Then, slowly remove the weight from your feet, and slowly lower yourself to arm’s length.

Stand back up, and repeat!

This exercise will not take many repetitions to exhaust you!

So there you have it- three negative exercises with very positive effects!

Good exercise, bad exercise... this is very, very GOOD!


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