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Friday, December 28, 2012

Paleo Jays Smoothie Cafe!

Your Paleo New Year’s Resolution!   

Eat a high fat low carb diet-  

Paleo Jay’s Smoothie Cafe!

Higher Volume, Lower rep pushups

As you all know, the New Year is fast approaching... How can you ensure that it won’t be  the “unlucky” 2013 that the number implies?  By making it your goal to build your health in the coming year, rather than to just gradually let it slide further and further into the S.A.D.  Standard American Diet with all of the accompanying diseases and metabolic syndrome that we have come to associate with aging in the modern world...
Totally unnecessary!  Of course, aging is inevitable, but what we consider the inevitable SYMPTOMS of aging are by and large NOT predetermined!  

It’s mostly our... DIET!  Not our lack of exercise- although I am an avid exerciser, although only for brief and intense sessions, it is diet alone that can make or break us, health-wise.  Every piece of MODIFIED grain, in particular, that we put into our bodies, wreaks utter HAVOC within us- opening us up to autoimmune diseases of all types, wherein our OWN BODIES attack themselves, spiking our insulin and forcing our bodies to accumulate FAT cells and become more and more diabetic... vegetable or otherwise named industrial seed oils like canola (rape seed) oil, margarine (a horrible FAKE fat!), crisco and their ilk are akin to pouring hydrochloric acid into our intestines.  Is is really worth the insipid taste of breakfast cereal or pasta or a slice of bread, all of which really only taste good at all with LOTS of BUTTER slathered on, to slide into this pattern of sickness and ill health?  


What can I do, Jay, what can I do?  

Well, you can saunter on down to Paleo Jay’s Smoothie Cafe and, for sheer inspiration, get yourself.... A PALEO JAY SMOOTHIE CAFE SMOOTHIE GLASS!  Pour your daily Paleo Smoothie into this puppy, and you can’t help but feel inspired!  Wear your Paleo Jay Smoothie Cafe t-shirt, and you’ll be DYING to do set after set of pushups! 
Already pining for the long, leisurely yet compelling round of golf coming your way this summer?  Paleo Jay’s Smoothie Cafe GOLF BALLS are ready to order!  And the list goes on and on: PJSC water bottles... Calendar... Baseball jersey.... YOGA MAT!!
All you could ever want, forever!  Just go to, and click on the Paleo Jay’s Smoothie Cafe icon to the right, and GO TO TOWN!  

The other thing you can do, after you have the aforementioned inspiration, is to CUT THOSE DAMAGING GRAINS from your diet!  Really, that is Job #1- don’t DO anything, just STOP eating that utter crap!  We all do it mainly from habit; from a lifetime of brainwashing about “healthy whole grains’ (grains, nutritionally, are almost vacant of nutrients compared to REAL, GOD -MADE foods like vegetables, fruits, nuts, and naturally raised, grass fed beef and wild seafood).  Eat pretty much ALL YOU WANT of these REAL foods- just avoid the processed, fake, MAN-MADE foods that will ROB you of your health and push you, inevitably, into completely avoidable disease, sickness, and “diabesity”.  Trust me, you will seem almost to have found the fountain of youth, if you cut the grains from your diet, and also...


Yup, contrary to everything you’ve heard since the cradle, GOOD FAT is the second most important thing to get more of.  if you’ve grown up in the US or other modern Western country in the past 50 years or so, you are grossly good fat deprived!  Your brain is made of fat, it is dependent on fat to properly operate, and your body is completely messed up when not given enough!  This lack of fat in the modern diet leads to depression, dry skin, constant hunger, and a constant nagging vitamin deficiency.  
Fat from grass fed beef, coconut oil, pastured butter and raw grass fed cream- these are just great for your health!  Pay no attention to those “many” men and women behind the curtain, speaking into a loudspeaker with the voice of doom in the persona of, for instance, “Dr. OZ, the Great and Powerful”!!  They are really a group of ignorant little people, hiding behind their Big Ag granted titles, spouting the nonsense they’ve been taught, for the purpose of selling...HARMFUL, GRAIN-BASED PRODUCTS, in the guise of healthy foods, and then selling in addition Big Pharma’s many DRUGS to treat the diseases they have caused!  

So, again, go to, click on the Tropical Traditions banner, and order some coconut oil!  Drink  it in your Paleo smoothie (at the Cafe), swish it in your mouth during your morning shower for dental health, dissolve it in your morning coffee for medium chain tryglicerides ,i.e. good fat!, and slather it on your skin for moisturizing and shaving!  IGNORE that man behind the curtain- eat real food and real fat!

One more thing- when you do pushups, or really any bodyweight exercise, try this:

If you can do, say, 30 pushups in a set to near failure... just do 15!  I like to do a set with wide grip (using the perfect pushup device, usually, with my legs elevated on a chair or couch), then medium, then narrow grip....  Just do the 15, another 15, and another 15...

Rest a bit, then repeat... over and over and over- for as long as you like!

You will find that you will be able to do a LOT of repetitions, with a minimum amount of strain, and a LARGE amount of gain using this method!  This really puts a lot of oxygenated blood into the muscles, and is a FANTASTIC workout!  It also leaves you feeling energized, rather than drained, as doing sets to near failure would.  One other thing- it leaves you with a glow of SUCCESS, since you easily make your set each time, and never have to STRAIN.  So, give it a try- I guarantee you will like it!

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