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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Paleo Quick Tips #2 podcast up!

To hear the latest podcast of Paleo Quick Tips, you need to go to iTunes, or Paleojay on podbean, or at Feedburner to hear RIGHT NOW! (Or subscribe via Google)

It's up now - Paleo Quick Tips podcast #2!  You can also just subscribe on iTunes- so go ahead and do it!  It's free, and easy as well; plus, you'll never miss any of the future podcasts...

Speaking of podcasts... if you listen to podcasts (as I do!), and are looking for a great way to download, subscribe, and manage them easily on your iPhone or iPad... get this app-downcast

It's only $1.99, but it makes it possible to "sync" your iphone via wi-fi, on the go, and manages and makes available all the podcasts, of every variety you might want, easy, fast, and available!  (Including that of PaleoJay-Paleo Quick Tips!)

Go ahead and subscribe.  It's fast, fun, and fantastic!


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