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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Bariatric Surgery...BYPASS with PALEO!

OK.  Let's just say the girl above was a result of bariatric, or "gastric bypass" surgery of some sort...

This surgery, say you had the common gastric band surgery, would constrict your stomach via a band that constricted your stomach "pouch" until it was made smaller.   Once you had this smaller stomach,  you would be forced to eat smaller amounts of food!

This sounds perfect!  A "diet in a gastric band" surgically implanted!

But the bottom line is this:  this procedure may very well force you to limit calories; but it does not force you to make better (i.e. nutrient dense!) food choices!!

So, you will lose weight!  (Good news!)  But, if you do not choose your new, limited amount of foods wisely, you will be nutritionally deprived.  And, if you choose to overeat in volume, you can experience severe vomiting or excruciating pain.  (Bad News!)

So, why not just eliminate the "Middleman", (the surgeon that "whittles down your middle via the stomach band"?)

Instead, learn to eat a proper, ancestral, paleolithic sort of diet, consisting of meats, vegetables, real honest to goodness fats, seeds, nuts and fruits! 

So, just cut to the chase!  

Imagine that is you pictured above:

Throw the Cheeseburger and Fries out!!


It really is just that simple!  After you ditch the grains and hydrogenated vegetable oils, you are pretty much home free, by default!  (There is nothing else for you to EAT but REAL FOOD!)

Voila: A tiny stomach without surgery!!

You have just "bypassed a bypass", paleo style!

(Notice the caveman above doesn't even know what to do with what's on his tray!
To him, it isn't even edible!)


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