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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

pqtd podcast # 108- Fed Government NOW says cholesterol is FINE!

If ever you wanted proof that the Federal Government is utterly clueless when it comes to nutritional guidelines, your long-awaited proof is in- after roughly 60 years of recommending that you do not consume dietary cholesterol, they have just come out and said… dietary cholesterol is not a problem at all!
It wouldn’t be so bad, except that they have been pounding this drum for decades, and all government sponsored school lunch programs, prison meals, and food programs nationwide have been forced to follow these guidelines, which now the government admits have been wrong.


Seems like an extreme statement, but it’s true.  Not only have these erroneous, non-science based dogmas misguided us in cholesterol, which has resulted in millions being erroneously prescribed the deadly (but profitable!) statin drugs, the same “Food Pyramid” and then “My Plate” encouraged us to replace fat with sugar and carbohydrates, particularly whole grains!
Strangely, carbohydrates, in particular whole grains raise our blood sugar even more than plain sugar, and immediately turn into sugar, right in our mouths!  But now, as a huge paradigm shift, the government has actually said that we should limit sugars to less than 10% of our daily calories- before (last year) they told us 30% sugar was just fine and dandy- healthy too! 
But, they still want us to keep our servings of whole grains at 11-12 servings per day, in spite of the fact that this means we mostly consume sugars in the form of carbohydrates- different species, same animal! 
Although, now the federal government suddenly tells us that eggs are fine, red meat and bacon are fine!, and at last admits we need more vegetables and fruits.  (I think they’re getting a little closer to great grandmother’s recommendations, just at bit at a time… can’t admit we’ve been wrong, can we?)  They even admit that fat can be good, and quite necessary! 
Also, alcohol is not all bad, and indeed has good qualities as well.

As Ronald Reagan famously put it “We are the federal government, and we are here to help you!”  ….NOT!
Whenever the government tells you doing something is good for you, rest assured it is NOT, it is good for THEM, the federal government.  In this case, it helps them to sell more grains (America’s biggest surplus commodity), help our big processed food manufacturers sell their mainly grain based products (high fructose corn syrup is a grain too), and it also keeps the big Pharmaceutical manufacturers happy, since this diet keeps most of us sick, but alive and treatable with high priced… pharmaceutical drugs!
It also keeps us addicted to regular, extremely expensive visits to health care providers (medical clinics and doctors), that sell us drugs, recommend the My Plate high carb, low fat diet, and thus the cycle continues, on and on.
I don’t believe it started out this way- I really think that the original McGovern commission in the early 1970’s was trying to reverse the high rate of heart disease from the 1960’s… it’s just that they were dead wrong!  And then, once it got started in that direction, it just picked up more and more momentum, until at this point it is unimaginable to those in charge of big government, big business, pharma, big food and medicine to do a 180 degree turn.
But you can.  Ignore the guidelines: make the base of your pyramid non starchy vegetables.  Then, an ample supply of healthy fats and protein.  Then, add in less fruits and starchy vegetables, even less on the next level of beans and legumes, then a healthy portion of spices and herbs.  Only at the very, teeny tiny tip should there be “recreational foods”, which for a long time have been more at the base of the pyramid!

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