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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

pqtd 111 Save Your Body, mind and SOUL

I know this is kind of a perennial topic for me, but I think it is so important! Our culture, our “hyper civilized” way of life has become just that- hyper civilized, meaning civilized to too great of a degree; think “sissified”…
 The vast majority of people in Western world civilized cultures go to work, sit at a desk or drive around in a car, and even if they work out in a gym for an hour or so a few times per week- they don’t do much real work. And they never have!!
This is in marked contrast to previous generations, even here in America. Even in my generation, hard work was part of your childhood, something that was just a “given”. And in generations previous to my own, it was way, way harder.

Hyper Civilized dancing from Germany:
I don’t mean there is something wonderful about working yourself really hard physically, just that we have gotten to the point where almost no one expects to work hard, ever. And this is not good, not good at all.
I think a lot of it has to do with our government, which has become an “entitlement government”, that tells everyone that they are “disadvantaged”, or any number of excuses, and then offers to be the correction of that injustice. In other words, they are offering you “free stuff”, with no work involved.
If you fall for this, you might feel great about yourself since you are instantly “politically correct”. But, you have fallen into a horrible trap- we all need to work hard, we need it mentally, and physically as well! All work and no fun may indeed make Johnny a dull boy, but all lying around like a slug in front of a screen will make Johnny a - worthless, fat, loser!
I don’t mean to sound contentious, but we have become “hyper civilized”, and to more savage, primitive cultures (like the Islamic Jihadists) we are decadent; ripe for the plucking! They want to impose their ancient, 9th century way of life upon us, which includes makaey support such ideas??
Because they are so caught up in political correctness, the very “fashionable” notion of it, that they cannot stop themselves from constant endorsement, in the face of the very evil of the side they are endorsing, to stop themselves!
Remember the Paris court of Louis the 14th, where everything was about “fashion”, and the fashion of the time was about clothes, and elaborate lifestyles, while the people about them starved? Well now, the “fashion” of the moment is political correctness, being Left, accepting, letting people into out country, giving things to the “underprivileged”, and being accepting, not “mean” and “greedy”…
Meanwhile, the working people are being taxed into a state lower than welfare recipients, and not being protected from borders not being enforced, which results in not really any longer even having a country! This is the state to which we have been reduced.
To get back to topic: today I spent the entire afternoon and the evening burning brush! I did all that I could with the blade in the back of the tractor to push the brush into piles, but the bulk of the work was lifting the brush into a trailer behind the tractor, and then hauling it to the burn location, and then … unloading it to burn. Endless, hard, unrelenting, solo work. Right not, I think I will be hard-pressed to get out of bed tomorrow, but I know I will, since I will stretch myself out as I do each and every morning!
My point is that- this is really good for me! It would be for you, too! Most of us spend our lives avoiding any type of hard, physical labor- even those of us that make a point of working out! This is a huge mistake, and turns us into a decadent type of people that are similar to the Paris court of Louis the 14th and his wife Marie Antoinette, who is very “Hillary Clinton-esque” to my mind.
Did you know that, in the late Roman Empire, in the 4th century AD the Germanic tribes requested to be allowed to settle in Roman lands? This was the tribe called the Visigoths, and the Romans said “fine, just come unarmed”. (They didn’t)
During this time, the youth in Rome, the “liberals” of the time, aped the costumes of the German invaders, wearing the “trousers” of the Germans, and even growing their hair long and wearing mustaches!! They were the Bernie Sanders supporters of their time, offering NO resistance to the invaders of that time.
The Roman emperor Valens finally was forced to confront them, and lost. This is like Obama, with his endless “accommodation and appeasement” strategy. Open borders end up with NO COUNTRY!
We are no longer the country of pre-world war 2- a country of small towns of hard-working, down-to-earth people. We have become a country of effete, weaklings, by and large, with a huge guilt complex about the underclass that we have simply enabled to be what they are- predators against the working class! They are largely immune from justice, just as were the invading Germanic tribes of the 4th century. They are also, thanks to our horrid “education” system in the inner cities, incredibly both ignorant, and with a feeling of incredible entitlement. We are nurturing multiple colonies of Visigoths!
My take away point? Do hard, physical labor! Learn to relish it, it keeps you in reality to know what real work is! (Shuffling papers, talking on the phone, and selling things is NOT real work- neither is being a politician or lawyer!)
If you don’t do real work, eventually you lose sight of what reality is; of even what is right and wrong, survival or suicide! And vote conservative!!
Not only your health, body and mind is at stake here. It is your very soul!

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