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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

pqtd #107 Automatic Health and fitness

Automatic health and fitness?  Wouldn’t that be nice, that’s probably your first thought.  I mean, nothing could be that easy, right?
Well, it really is, it’s just a matter of setting up appropriate habits, and then following through for long enough that they just become your life!  And if they are good and healthy, and thus long term enjoyable habits, why then this is a prescription not only for automatic health and fitness, but actually a means to automatic happiness!
I don’t mean that your ideal daily habits will be identical to mine at all, but there will definitely be some similarities, at least in diet and exercise, if you want to maximize health and fitness over your whole lifetime.  So here goes:
I wake up early enough so that I can do what I view to be the most crucial part of my daily habits- this, of course, entails that I always go to bed early enough to get a solid 8 or more hours of good sleep!  So, I wake up refreshed, naturally ready to get up.  I go into a brief “mobility” series of stretches right in the upstairs bathroom first thing, so I wake my body and joints up gradually, taking each limb and set of joints through some simple easy rotations, to get the synovial fluid flowing, and the limbs warmed up.  Also, it just feels great- I am instantly revived for the day, and coupled with some deep breathing I am ready to go!
Downstairs, I start the water boiling for my coffee, and begin making my smoothie as the water heats.  After making 3 cups of coffee in my Aerobie Press (actually it’s espresso, so it’s even smoother and better), I finish making my smoothie as I sip my first cup, which is laced with coconut oil.
Then, carrying my cup into the living room, I start up Netflix usually, and continue on with a program or movie I was watching the morning before.  I do my Perfectly Paleo Exercise routine, which while varying from day to day, always includes virtual resistance exercises, calisthenics, rebounding, and isometrics.  There is always also a segment of floor stretches, capped off by a long set of bridging, that flows the blood into my head while simultaneously stretching out and adjusting my spine.  After about 45 minutes, I’m done, and feeling great, I go to take a shower.
Before, however, I dry brush my skin, from foot to neck, always brushing towards my heart- this feels fantastic, and stimulates the lymph glands, although they’ve already gotten a great workout on the rebounder!
Then, taking a small piece of coconut oil from the dish I keep in the bathroom, I put it in my mouth, and begin “swishing” it, or “oil pulling” which is the proper term- this is undoubtedly the top oral health regimen you can do, since the oil kills all the bacteria it encounters in your mouth!  After I leave the shower, I keep on swishing as I spray Magnesium oil over my body (from Ancient Minerals, the oil if from the Zechstein dead sea far beneath northern europe)- this is a great way to supplement magnesium to your body, in which virtually all modern people are deficient.
Next, I rub coconut oil into my palms, and when melted thoroughly, I rub it over my skin, “anointing” my body as did the ancient Greeks after exercise. (But they used olive oil- you could do that if you prefer!)  Then, I shave with an old double bladed razor- they are still the top razor ever made, cheap and effective!  And, when you use coconut oil as the lubricant, the blades seem to last for months and months, and never, ever rust!
Done?  No, PaleoJay is such a nut, you know he has one more step- I take my little jar of rose hip oil with an eyedropper from the counter, and put just a few drops on my fingers.  I spread it over my face, neck, and any dry areas I might have noticed.  Then, after brushing my long white hair back, I add a little more to my fingertips, and work it through my hair- nothing moisturizes and revitalizes like rose hip oil!  And, one bottle lasts for years…
So, are you getting the idea?  Most of the things I do that will make me extremely fit, healthy, and happy are accomplished in that first one hour of my day- and I try to do that almost each and every day! 
If I miss this regimen, which of course everyone must in emergencies and on occasions when you must be of service to others, I miss it, but it is no big deal at all: the fitness and health are built over time, by habit, an hour each day!
Try to do the same thing with other things important to you in your life.  I meditate for about 15 minutes, and I do it at about the same time each day, so I don’t have to plan for, or even think about it- I just do it, every day!
I like to write, and I do that at about the same time, each day, with an aim of getting at least 1000 words.  It’s my chosen habit, and so I look forward to it!  Same with playing and recording music- I love it, and so I schedule it in the evenings, for about an hour when I have the time. 
Perhaps you like drawing, or photography, or other forms of self-expression?  Go thou and do likewise!  Schedule, and then form habits that you repeat over and over, until they ARE YOU. 
Make it a habit to only purchase healthy, paleo types of foods; don’t even go down the “bad” aisles of the grocery store. Make it a habit to make your own food most days, and make sure it is natural, God and Nature made food; not MAN Made “food like substances” such as margarine, modern altered grains, and GMO fed animals.
We are the sum of our habits.  Make sure yours are positive, habits that help to make a better YOU, and schedule them so that you don’t miss out on the best parts of your life!

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