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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

PQTD #109 Why YOU need to Avoid GLUTEN!

I have come to the conclusion that most folks have heard of the idea of avoiding gluten, but most have no idea as to why this is a good idea!
Well, to begin with, grains themselves, all grains, are just poor food choices in terms of nutrition- there just isn’t that much nutrition per calorie in grains. But wheat and barley are particularly bad choices, since in addition to the lectins and phytates (anti-nutrients), wheat has gluten and gliadin, which are incredibly damaging long term, and also opioids similar to those found in opium or morphine. These opioids are probably why many people panic when you suggest they give up wheat- it truly is addicting.
Gluten is inflammatory in the human gut lining. Period; although some don’t react as severely as others, eventually consuming gluten will impact your health negatively, mentally and/or physically! Inflammation causes deterioration of your gut lining, the very walls of your intestines, making them become “leaky”. This is very bad news, since a leaky intestine allows
gluten proteins to enter the blood stream, and cause auto-immune reactions elsewhere in the body.
Gliadin is the main problem producing gluten protein, and since it is similar in structure to proteins found in body tissues like the pancreas and thyroid, antibodies sent out to fight them can wind up attacking your own body instead, causing autoimmune diseases like type 1 diabetes and hypothyroidism.
This same leaky gut caused by the gluten consumption can also allow bacteria and other toxic matter into the blood stream, which can further autoimmune attacks on the body. These autoimmune diseases are the scourge of the modern day, and they simply are diseases where the body’s defense mechanisms become confused, and attack the body itself! Gluten and gliadin are like spies in warfare; they confuse the body as to just who are the “good guys”, and the body attacks itself.
To convey a simple metaphor about eating gluten and wheat, I like to think of it as a poison, or acid that is disguised to taste really good. It is very cheap, and all too available and ubiquitous in our modern culture, and so we are gradually destroying our own intestines by eating it, and since it doesn’t poison us instantly, we are lulled into complacency. Eventual autoimmune disease is the result, with the list of diseases that are autoimmune being the worst kinds, and the most impossible to fight with medicine. Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, ulcerative colitis and Chrohn’s disease, IBS and all other intestinal diseases- these are so obviously caused by inflammation of the intestine!
Bottom line? Most people just feel better after quitting gluten, and many have IBS type symptoms go away, along with brain fog and fat loss. Don’t forget, wheat turns to sugar in the body, so eliminating it automatically eliminates a huge source of sugar, which is very damaging in and of itself!
But, don’t just eat the same cookies and donuts and rolls as before, just “gluten free” one… Although an occasional gluten free treat is fine, a treat is still a treat- usually a sugar bomb, and not a good idea generally.
So give up gluten! This is the sane Paleo rule #1- it will cut your disease risk dramatically, increase your mental health (Schizophrenics virtually all have a lessening of symptoms with gluten elimination), and yes, make your jeans fit looser too…
But it is the health benefits that are undeniable- “gluten free” is not just a fad, it is the real deal!

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