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Sunday, February 7, 2016

PJSC podcast #122 Soups or Juicing? The urban apacolypse!

 The current craze in urban circles is with “soups versus juicing”.  I know, because I had a good friend send me an article from the NY Times, a publication for which I generally have scant respect, but I know how highly regarded it is in elite circles.  I believe this unjustified regard is a holdover from the days when it was a wonderful publication, representing the best of a great city, the New York of 1940 and before.
Those days are long, long gone, regrettably!  New York and other major American cities have largely become “snake pits” of extreme liberal dogma, with rampant crime and opinions based nowhere in reality- I liken it to the decadent ideas of ancient Rome shortly before the fall, or the court of France under Louis the 14, just before the French revolution.  Imperial, top-down government given full sway, incredibly corrupt, and with no real concern about the people they were supposed to serve…
We know what happened there, and we know what will happen now- the fall of modern top down government is long overdue, and inevitable.  I hope you protect yourself, and move to a more rural area, just as they did in ancient Rome before the fall; at least those who could.
The catalyst to this was an article about how people in NYC are switching to soups from green smoothies, since the smoothies have too much fruit and thus sugar, and soups do not.  This is actually a great idea, overall, since most juices DO tend to have too much fruit, which all too many folks consider super healthy- but, I’m here to say, too much fruit is just too much sugar.  Fruit should always be kept at the minimum in smoothies; primarily berries and citrus.  Bananas are too high for most insulin resistant modern people to handle, as are large quantities of most other fruits.
If you use BEETS for flavoring, not only won’t you have a green smoothie, (which kids find unappealing), you will have a red smoothie!  And if you use red berries like raspberries and strawberries, even more so!
Beets and carrots are both sweet, so use them in lieu of fruits for a tasty smoothie.  (Although, I hear some folks can’t abide the taste of beets- why then, just use carrots and berries, but I pity you!).

My main point here, I believe, is to tell you to not “throw the baby out with the bath water”!  Green (and RED) smoothies are just as good as they ever were!  Don’t let the trendy be the enemy of the good.  Don’t abandon the wonderful nutrition of smoothies, just because the NY Times says “soups are more trendy”!
Avail yourself of BOTH.  Homemade, bone broth based soups are wonderful, health transforming foods, no doubt about it!  They have been largely abandoned by “modern” cooks, in favor of canned products, with nowhere near the nutrition of long simmered crockpots full of bones, collagen, vegetables and meat.
Go ye back in time Pilgrim, and revive the ancient art of soups made from bone broth- so I have been preaching for a long while!
But, while you are back in the PAST; do NOT forget the wonders of the modern age, which includes blenders like the Vitamix, blenders that can pulverize and render unto you the total nutrition of the humble green vegetable, and the berry, and mix it together with all of the ingredients of the Paleo Smoothie, green OR red, that make it the most magical nutrition source since the fountain of youth.
Use them both.  Soups are the best of the OLD WORLD.  Smoothies are the best of the NEW.

Don’t abandon the gun for the sword, or vice versa- both are valuable!