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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

PQTD #106 Magnesium Oil is CRUCIAL

I don’t know if you are aware of the importance of magnesium to your health, but I am here to tell you it is crucial.
Why do we need a magnesium, or indeed any kind of a supplement, if we are already eating a natural, God-made foods based paleo type of diet?  This is a reasonable question, and I personally try to keep supplements to a minimum, since getting them from natural sources is infinitely preferable. 
This is why I make a Paleo Smoothie to drink daily, loaded with fresh vegetables of many types, kefir, coconut milk- well, go to Paleo Green Smoothie recipe to see all that I recommend at 
The two “supplements” I put into that smoothie are:

1. Liquid vitamin D
2. Cod liver oil

Everything else, from the apple cider vinegar to the kelp, spirulina, and the several spices I put in are all real foods! 
But, the other thing I think you should consider adding in to your regimen is magnesium - and I think the best way to do this is through magnesium oil, applied to the skin!

Paleo is not only what you eat; your whole lifestyle figures in.  This is why what you put on your skin is so important, since the skin absorbs what you put on it directly into your blood stream- think of your skin as another mouth! 
In paleolithic times, the water we drank was loaded with magnesium, not so today with water from municipal treatment plants.  The plants we ate were grown in magnesium rich soil; much of our crops today are grown in soils pretty much depleted of magnesium, and other nutrients as well.  And so, you might need to eat twice as much green leafy veggies to get as much magnesium as our ancestors got from a much smaller amount.
Oral magnesium can cause diarrhea, which may be desired if you are constipated; but, if you are paleo for a reasonable length of time, this will not be a problem.  And so, for most paleo folks, I recommend Magnesium Oil, either in a spray bottle or a lotion.  You just spray or rub in onto most of your body, and those ancient minerals (magnesium oil is obtained from the Zechstein Dead Sea, far underground in Europe), and the magnesium will go right into your bloodstream with no stomach upset.
The thing about magnesium is that it is really important not only for bone and our physical health overall- it’s mental benefits are huge!  Magnesium is used in treating depression, anxiety, and even bi-polar mental illness to great effect; in addition, it is more helpful in making people sleep easily than melatonin.  Also, magnesium soothes sore muscles, and many have reported vast improvement in joint pain using it.
So, get yourself a spray bottle!  Ancient Minerals is the premium brand, and for less than $20 you can have an 8 ounce bottle that will last quite a while of daily body coating spraying.  But, I have seen it advertised at Walmart and Walgreens for about 1/2 that, and the ingredients are about the same, straight from the Zechstein sea. 
But, just get some, and add it to your daily routine.  I am big on routine; doing the same thing daily leaves you free to not have to remember things, you “just do it”, and benefit greatly over time.  So exercise daily, at the same time- and drink your smoothie daily.  When you shower, dry off and spray magnesium oil over your body; then rub a small amount of coconut oil over that to moisturize!

Now, you don’t even need to worry about magnesium anymore- you know it’s taken care of!

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