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Sunday, November 1, 2015

PaleoJay's Smoothie Cafe #115 podcast- Don't be Pushin Too Hard- Let it GO!

I can honestly say that nowadays, in modern America at least, we all pretty much are “PUSHIN’ TOO HARD”!

We work too many hours, at usually quite sedentary jobs, and while we work, we are constantly thinking about just what else we need to get done!  There are monetary goals, how we need to get this cleaned or taken care of on the house, car repairs and maintenance... and on top of that we are utterly consumed with our kids: are they in enough activities?  Do we need to enroll and drive them to even more, so that they are not deprived and not able to cope in this ever-more hyper competitive world??

And, on top of all that, we think we just need to do more!  More exercise, more stretching, more cardio, more money, more partying, more socializing, just more more more MORE!

Welcome to America today!

It was not always this way.  Back in the 1950’s, which so many hold in nostalgic regard nowadays, I am here to tell you that it was not this way.  The hyper-competitiveness existed, but it was mainly confined to the big cities, and the types of folks that are always around with fragile egos and big ambitions.  But back then, they were regarded with raised eyebrows, and seen for what they were:
Insecure people that needed outside validation.

Most people were content with a normal house, a regular secure income from a regular, real type of job.  Back then, ALL jobs were considered honorable- physical jobs were at LEAST as good as office work; actually, physical jobs paid HIGHER back in those days, and office work was reserved for those who could not, or WOULD not do harder work!

But this is all just leading up to now, when we are confronted with learning what is really important in life, now and forever.

It has become all about the money.  And the power.  It was not always thus; being well regarded was considered all important back in the day.  A man’s (or woman’s) word, honesty, and reputation were far more valuable than the money in his safe.  Imagine Scrooge: nowadays, he would be the PERFECT MAN.  Especially if he had perfect abs, a healthy life, and a huge mansion that he showed on TV.

But let’s get back on track, let’s talk about paleo diet and health!  How does this relate to that, PaleoJay my guru?

It is so important to back away from these hard-driving, hyper-competitive, super achieving mindset goals!  Just having this mindset can completely ruin your health,fitness and wellness, even while eating a perfect paleo diet, exercising in a perfectly paleo way, and achieving all of your monetary and other physical goals.

If you push unrelentingly to failure, you will fail!

In anything, and everything.

Push to failure in your career, your marriage and health will fail.
Push to failure in exercise, and you will be injured.
Push your kids to failure, and they will fail in life, even if they achieve what you push them at.
Push yourself really hard to be “perfect”, and you will wind up diseased, frail, and falling apart physically, and probably mentally as well.

Nothing really should be “pushed”.  We are just natural humans, and our needs and real wants are very simple.
We all need to be pretty much autonomous, and self validating, without some authority micro-managing us.

 This means minimal government, and it means minimal medical intervention.

On your own end, this means letting things slide a bit...

Don’t judge others for not keeping up to your “standards” of a perfect lawn and house- this actually means pouring glyphosate onto your lawns, thereby poisoning the water supply for all of your neighbors.

Leave your kids to their own devices- let them interact, and play with their friend in the neighborhood on their own! (Don’t insert yourself, ala “little league” and other adult organizations to fulfill your own unfulfilled ego from childhood!).

Above all, don’t try to be the:
most successful and our children are the most successful too!
most “accomplished”

of your friends and associates.

If you do try this, rest assured: you won’t be.

Instead: Go back to the future!

You are George “Atlas” Mc Fly... nerd now, but you know to win that girl of your dreams, you just need to relax.

Just start doing pushups, and virtual, self resistance Perfectly Paleo exercise on a slow, steady, daily, regular basis!  Make it something to look forward to...
You clean up your diet, no drastic steps, just slow and common sense.  You start making a Green smoothie each morning, with TONS of green veggies, spices and kefir, and a little fruit.  This alone makes a huge difference both in your mental outlook, and your physical health!

You decide to “skip” your next medical checkup!  I mean, you are starting to feel great- why would you need someone less healthy and fit than you to “second guess” your health?  Because you know that no matter how healthy you are, they will just try to sell you drugs!!??

Now, you decide to get your kids on board!  You decide, along with your spouse, to just “Let them be kids!”

What a concept, in modern America!  Your “friends” will look askance at your just “letting them run wild, like free range kids”!  You will just ignore them, letting them run around on the grass, just like Opie Taylor in the old Andy Griffith Show!

YOU don’t care!  Everything is looking great!  Your wife can’t believe how healthy and “buff” you are. (neither can your friends)!  YOU can’t believe how great you feel, which after all is the ultimate barometer of health- much more than some cholesterol or other fake measurement of health- and you decide to continue on your journey of self determination and discovery!

You, George Mc Fly, now decide that YOU are the best determiner of your destiny!  Health wise!  Career wise!!  And in HOW TO RAISE YOUR FAMILY!!

You have determined to RID your life of the “Biffs” of this world!

You will vote for the minimum of government
You will take control of your own health
You will exercise on your own, self directed
You will work a real job, and take pride in real work
You will let your children and spouse do the same- NO INTERFERENCE
You will run your property, and your life, as the founding fathers intended.  Pursue your own happiness- NO INTERFERENCE
You will attempt to DESTROY interference of your rights with all of your heart, all of your mind, and all of your soul!
 And love your neighbor as yourself.

OK  George, or Georgette:  here is what I leave you with with this long-winded podcast.

Don’t PUSH yourself, or your kids, or your wife- don’t be a micro-manager!  God, I hate micro-managers...

Relax, and look at the big picture.  Sure, you want your son Marty not to be a big loser, but just let it go!

Did you ever consider, that MARTY might be way, way, way cooler than you, George??

Let him go.  Let Marty be Marty.  Let George be George. (The Pushups will really help, as will the green smoothie each day!!)

Let it go!