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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Paleo Quick Tip of the Day #93 The NEW Paleo Miracle Drug!

It is often said that there is “nothing new under the sun”.  And this is no exception- the “new paleo miracle drug” is actually as old as fire- but it is a miracle drug nonetheless!

This paleolithic elixir is bone broth.  Not just soup stock, which is when you boil bones and ideally the marrow and connective tissues as well, but bone broth, where you simmer the bones to extract the very essence of human nutrition and healing; and you extract them for at least 12 hours, and as long as 48 hours or more!

This is the key for maximum health benefits, and what separates bone broth from the mere flavoring agent of simple beef or chicken stock.

Not only will bone broth give you all of the nutrients needed to heal problems with your joints and bones (it really works miracles in that department), bone broth also heals your gut, which is so very important.  Listen- all of us have damaged, or “leaky” guts, where bad cells can slip through our digestive tracts and right into our bloodstream. 

This is where all autoimmune diseases have their start!  And these are the diseases that are killing, and hurting all of us so badly.  Name the scariest diseases you know- they are all autoimmune, in which the body starts attacking itself.  Cancer, arthritis, alzheimer’s, chron’s disease, diverticulitis, type 1 diabetes, and even heart disease is initially a form of autoimmune disease. 

And ever since we started eating massive amounts of gluten from genetically altered wheat, and adding tons of chemicals to our environment in the form of pesticides, herbicides, fluoride and chlorine, along with antibiotics in our meats and more chemicals in our toxic cleaning products... well, back when I was young, in the 1950’s, Cancer was quite rare!  As were most diseases- I never even heard of diabetes until I was grown, and it only struck old people.  Now, autism, diabetes, cancer- almost everyone winds up with one or several of these horrible diseases. 

Not to be a PollyAnna, which would be to take the name of my little sister, Polly Ann in vain, but simply taking in bone broth on a near daily basis would counter most of this insult.  Bone broth heals your gut lining- better than anything else!  Along with eating LOTS of green veggies, ideally in the form of a green smoothie, and grass fed meats and pastured dairy, bone broth will heal you, and make you immune to most of our modern enemies:

I guarantee, if you get out your slow cooker, put in some soup bones (my favorite is a Marrow Bone!), a chicken carcass, or a combination of bones from healthy animals, add a little sea salt and apple cider vinegar (just a splash, to help get the minerals out), and let it simmer for a couple of days, and then drink a cup- you are on the road to health my friend!

Healthy skin (this first is actually quick, and quite remarkable, since the skin is the mirror of the gut)- clear and healthy. 

Healthy weight- proper digestion ensures satiety, and you will not desire junk foods like sweets and pastries

Above all- a healthy gut!  This is important for the whole human body- Hippocrates himself said that all health comes from the gut!

You can either keep the slow cooker simmering away for days and days, or you can do like I do:  I simmer a couple of days, then ladle into canning jars, leaving the sick little depleted bones behind.  Put the canning jars into the fridge, and heat up whenever- I try to have a cup or so per day.  You can even whisk an egg into the cup you have heated in the microwave, and “instant egg drop soup”!  Tastes great, too...

Or, you can use them as a soup base, as I did with my PaleoJay’s chili earlier this week.  OR, you can take one 16 oz jar of bone broth, and add some new potatoes, carrots, grass fed stew meat and onions- slow cook them for about 2 and 1/2 hours- and then do like I am going to do right now:

Go eat my beef stew!

So be like me; be BAD TO THE BONE!

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