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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Add in the GOOD STUFF! Podcast #117 for Paleo Jay's Smoothie Cafe

I think one of the crucial parts of a healthy, Paleo type of health transforming diet that is NOT noticed by most, is the fact that, unlike the standard mainstream diets- like “Low fat High Carb”- which is the standard American Food Pyramid- the key point is to add in good, natural foods.

It is really NOT to “eliminate bad foods”!  Of course, I want you to eliminate toxic, processed foods.  Fake Foods like modern “altered/fake” wheat.  Fake Foods like soda pop!  Fake foods that are anything low fat!!  And fake foods like vegetable oils, which are chemically and industrially extracted- ALL OF THEM!

But that’s it- just take care of that, and you will start to feel better quickly, and forever.  Health conditions will start to drastically improve, and you will feel amazingly better!

But don’t stop there!  Many do; they just start getting rid of things that are obvious toxins, like donuts and breakfast cereals, and think:

“Well, I’m feeling way, way better!  I’ve lost a lot of fat weight, and my brain feels alive and well- what should I eliminate next??”

This is the mindset that develops:
“Since I improved my health so much by eliminating wheat, low fat dairy, and processed crap foods- where should I eliminate next??”

And the person goes on to eliminate

 All dairy, full fat included
Most FAT, including really good, wonderful fats like olive oil, avocado and coconut oils!
And they cling (especially women) to the misguided notions that calories need to be drastically limited!!

Those are the common, and most pernicious “denials” of the self fulfillment of maximum nutrition and healthiness.

Here is the PaleoJay prescription for maximizing your health, in a Paleo way:

Drink a Green paleo smoothie each and every day!  At least 16 ounces, which is one canning jar full.
Eat a LOT of fat!  Good fat, pastured butter, coconut oil, lots of cream in your coffee from pastured cows if you can get it.  Olive oil, fatty grass fed beef, pork, and chickens!
 Seafood, at least once per week, minimum!

If there is one thing important for your health, after a really nutrient dense foundational item like a Green Smoothie, it is bone broth.  Just do it!  Take the bones from your grass fed beef, chicken, or pork- put them into your slow cooker filled with good quality water, a little apple cider vinegar, and some sea salt. Simmer for about 24 hours, and then drink some, or just can it all (sans the bones!).

I mean, just ladle it into canning jars, cap with the lids, and line up in your fridge like little soldiers...

Just like I hope you have little canning jars (16 oz. seems ideal) of a Paleo Green Smoothie lined up on one side of your fridge, on the other should be these little bone broth soldiers.  They are ready and waiting, to march onward to maximizing your health and wellness!

At least a couple of times per week, heat up some bone broth in your microwave, or else use it as the base, the broth, to make soup, or another dish.  You can easily drink it plain, as a hot beverage, or you can add it to a good quality canned soup to make it super soup!

However you do it, this will do more for your body than anything else, except for your Paleo Green Smoothie, which you should have every single day as a “foundation of health”.

I like to think of it as the “nectar of the gods”!  Or else the fountain of youth!!

And if you add in bone broth??!   Well, just add some canned sardines to that as the main course...

Now, we are talking AMBROSIA!!