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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The best training BAREFOOT SHOE I have found- Xero Shoes!

Xero Shoes  - These are the very best sort of "shoe" I have found for running, and walking barefoot! 
See the above Sensori Venture, which is what I have, and recommend, for anyone getting into barefoot running and walking, or even just standing...  this is, in my opinion, the perfectly Paleo version of barefoot, natural movement.  

Watch what Stephen, the CEO of Xero shoes has to say about this latest offering of his company:

Your own PaleoJay did quite a bit of research about barefoot shoes, and finally zeroed in on this form of sandal, the Huarache as the best compromise of minimalist form, function, and price...

But, even if price was no object I would recommend this Sensori Venture above any other shoe I found, anywhere!  Why?

It's indestructible!  No one has worn out a pair yet!  Guaranteed for 5000 miles!!

Barefoot, but with PROTECTION for your foot!  You do need some "cover" in the modern world, to simulate barefootedness without injury!

Not CLUNKY and dumb looking (and FEELING!) like Vibram 5 fingers and the like!  Put them on, and you will look (and feel!) like you have nothing on your feet!

Customizable with cool colors and "bling" if you so desire!  I went with basic black, but that's just me- check out the options right here- Xero Shoes

PRICE!  I know, I said even if price was no object I would go with the Xero shoes... but the price is way cheaper than the inferior competition!!  

So, once again, if you are looking at barefoot shoes and barefoot running and walking, Xero shoes are the ones to get.  

I did my last several workouts with them on, and they are great for that as well!  And I think that, this Summer and Spring, I will be wearing them just about everywhere...

You can even make your own with kits they provide, and save even more money- but, I recommend the Sensori Venture model  for just about everyone, first pair- All the work is done for you- just put them on!  And, again: the price is right!


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