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Monday, August 26, 2013

Becoming a Supple Leopard with Voodoo Flossing!

One of the best, and yet one of the most confusing protocols of Kelly Starrett's excellent recent book is that of.......   Voodoo Flossing!  Sounds scary but intriguing, doesn't it?  I have had excellent results with it, both on my badly injured shoulder, and my daughter's wrist.

The idea is to immobilize the joint to "Voodoo" with a Voodoo band- these are long strips of rubber, kind of like a long, split open bicycle inner tube (that would work as well!), that you can wrap around and around the injured joint to compress it.  Then, you need to smash the compressed tissue, with a La Crosse ball or two, a friend who will step on your injured area, or you can even do it yourself by smashing the area with a barbell!

Here is how it's done on the shoulder:

Kelly does the Voodoo Floss Shoulder Smash

It's much easier to do it on yourself on the ankle, or the wrist, or the knee.  But, however you do it or have it done- it really does restore movement and health to the joint in really fast order!
It's a little painful, but the results are so worth it- almost instantly your joint has regained it's full rotation.  The matted down tissues are unglued, and regain their suppleness. Talk about near instant therapy!

Here is a link to purchase the Floss. I also use the Floss for banded stretches and openers during my morning workout, and so it is also valuable for that.

Another key point to this book is that all of us need to, and should have the knowledge to effectively perform daily maintenance on our own bodies.  Very, very true; and with this book, the Floss, and a La Crosse ball or two you will be well equipped to do so.

The most important tool to have of all, however, is the book itself!  Almost 400 large, photo illustrated demonstrations of every exercise and therapy in Kelly's arsenal; I find this is one of those big hardcover books that I keep by my chair, and repeatedly pick up to pore over.  It is just that jam packed with useful and unique ideas to maintain your bodily health and mobility.  Oh, and here is the link to Kelly's site- lots of videos like the one above to help you focus on different techniques and parts of your body-

My plan is to get as supple and springy as my cat Zeke-

Then, maybe I can sit in a chair like he does!


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