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Sunday, September 1, 2013

PaleoJay Podcast #46- Get on Board with a Paleo Lifestyle Before You Go Broke and Die!

Diabesity Destruction!

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I don’t mean to over-sensationalize it, but the future of health care looks that extreme- you will be part of one of two groups.  The first is that of a state run health care system, where all problems will be “medicated”, that is treated with a pill, or a drug.  We know how Big Government does things, don’t we?  One canned answer for every disease or problem...  No time to assess lifestyle.  Nutrition doesn’t matter- just look at our governmental My Plate, that recommends grains and vegetable oils as the mainstay of a healthy diet!

With the health care system of the future now pretty much set in place, this state run system will be running huge deficits by default, right from the start.  But, there will be alternatives- so called boutique or concierge styles of medical practice.  This is where you contract with one group of doctors and a clinic on a yearly or monthly basis, paying a fee upfront to be one of the patients of this private clinic.  Then, this clinic has the financial incentive to keep you healthy!  The healthier they keep you, the less the plan costs, and the more profit they make- this puts all the incentives in the right place.

Robb Wolf, of has an elegant answer to this type of system in his  This is just this type of a boutique style of clinic that I spoke of before, that is based around keeping you, the patient healthy, rather than just using crisis management as it’s program, as standard medicine does today- you know, just waiting until the person is really sick and broken, like with a heart attack or full blown diabetes, and then finally doing something like surgery and drug prescriptions loaded with side effects; all at a huge cost, and vastly reducing the patient’s quality of life.

You can go check out a long series of informative, scientifically based videos that Specialty Health has put up on youTube-  here is one particularly informative video that is also quite short-

 This is the way to prevent health care/prevention- empower the patient, i.e. YOU through conveying simple knowledge that is based on the most recent scientific facts- not medical knowledge as it existed 25-60 years ago, as is done in standard medicine today!

I know, for now we all need to have a basic insurance that covers us in the case of catastrophic injury or illness- but really, the point is hopefully that you never have to use it.  The only way this will happen, for now, is for you to educate yourself, and apply the principles of an ancestral type of diet and lifestyle, starting by eating real, natural, God-made foods exclusively, getting rid of all the crap man-made processed sugar bombs, sleeping well and amply, exercising briefly and intensely, and walking and stretching regularly.  Oh, and by ignoring any advice given by our standard medical clinics and the Government- this is key!  Go to any standard medical clinic, and you will by default be given drugs- this is what they have become- drug pushers!

By doing all of the just mentioned items, and thus caring for ourselves as people have done since time immemorial, we will exclude ourselves from governmental interference in our health and well being, and put our health care back where it belongs- in our own hands!
Specialty Health is based in Reno, Nevada, and has been the choice of that municipality for the police and fire personnel with great success in both improving the long-term health of those employees and in saving money both!

Here is yet another link for you to peruse by Robb Wolf about Specialty Health:

So, I hope you becoming convinced that it is indeed up to you to take care of your health, and that of your families!  When these “boutique” style medical practices are up and running nationwide, and you have one in your area, that will of course make it easier, since your physician and clinicians will actually help you on your paleo way through information, encouragement, and various medical tests that will show if your are indeed on the right road, or are veering off into diabesity....

But for now, we just have to do it ourselves- but then, it really is always up to us ourselves, isn’t it?  It’s just that now, we need to be Paleo Pioneers- driving our barbaric covered paleolithic wagons into the future, their square wheels kind of skidding along since we haven’t figured that out yet, but still knowing much better than those drug dependent sick people that live in the big, gleaming, yet tenement-ridden cities just how to eat, live, and enjoy life naturally!

This is your PaleoJay Pioneer friend, signing off for this week- Sayonara!


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