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Saturday, August 17, 2013

PaleoJay podcast #44 Hire your own Paleo guru, or become your own- and Give your body a fresh oil change- daily!

Paleojay podcast #44

Hire your own Paleo template guru, or become your own
Give your body a fresh oil change- daily!

Or, just listen on iTunes: PaleoJay on iTunes!

All of us need to be very cognizant of what we are doing, in this day and age about our own health, and that of our families!  It is a very strange time, in that we don’t even know anymore what we should eat- hint- real food- and we are inundated with bad dietary, lifestyle, and fitness ideas constantly.  In addition, we have received these utterly wrong messages about eating lots of whole grain products, vegetable oils instead of real, honest to God-made fats like coconut, pastured animal fat, and grass fed dairy products- constantly, many of us since birth!  If you were born after 1980, you have been taught a line of BULL for your entire life. Can you say Ta Tonka?

Only now, with the interest in the Paleo, Primal, Ancestral, Barbarian template for natural human living and eating, is the truth beginning to come out.  Thanks to the internet, and recent technologies like smartphones and computers, real science backed ideas, like that of evolutionary biology, can be widely disseminated and spread to anyone who takes an interest...

And that is what I want to mention to you, my favorite listener, today- If you are too busy, or just don’t want to, or cannot make your health a matter of top priority in your life, well then you need to find someone who can, and will help you in this vital matter!

Being truly fit and healthy is not something optional; without your health in balance nothing else in your life is worth anything.  Strong words, I know, but think about it:
Let’s say you have millions upon millions of dollars, but you are getting fatter year by year, you sleep badly, you have brain fog much of the time, you have lots of creeping ailments like severe headaches, stomach problems, acid reflux, high blood pressure, perhaps an autoimmune disease like arthritis... or maybe you have developed cancer or heart disease!  What good are your millions in the face of this deterioration of health?  Fixating on money is the goal of most modern Americans; I would suggest fixating on health first.

Here is where a good health coach, someone who has really researched what real, honest to God health, Ancestral/Paleo type of real, natural, robust, non-drug propped up to keep you barely alive existence but real health really is!  Whew- what a mouthful-
But truly, it is vital that you know how and what to do to be healthy.  And the truth is, in today’s world where all the old handed down  wisdom of our ancestors has been tossed aside and replaced with pseudo- science- it takes a lot of learning to get back up to speed with what humans figured out over eons.  So, follow along with me, your ever-faithful PaleoJay- I will give you condensed versions of what to do, each week on my paleojay podcast, in the pages of my blog, and soon I plan to do a series of videos...All of this is meant to help you and yours find your way to the serious business of HEALTH.

But, I know many folks won’t, or can’t become their own guides to health.  Many are just too busy, and some are just too overwhelmed by all the mountains of data to plow through, many of which are wrong paths and deadends.  If this is you, or you are currently diagnosed with High Cholesterol, and your medical Dr. wants to put you on a statin drug- RUN, don’t walk, to Chris Kresser’s High Cholesterol Action Plan!  In this detailed summary of ALL the current science on the subject, Chris, your new health coach, will have you knowing MORE than your M.D. in short order.  Go to the sidebar of, and there is a link to take you to Chris and his High Cholesterol Action Plan.   Chris knows more about nutrition and drug interaction than just about anybody, and he has put together several courses to educate you, easily, through video, mp3’s, and written material as well so that you will know exactly what to do to maximize your own health! High Cholesterol Action Plan

If you are basically healthy and just want a great Paleo overview and course of detailed action, get the Personal Paleo Code; or, as it has been updated and renamed in conjunction with partner Robb Wolf- Paleologix Total Transformation!  This course will guide you to your own, personal ideal Paleo diet, and walk you back to the future to the new Paleo You, all dialed in in 90 days!  Highly recommended..Personal Paleo Code with Chris Kresser and Robb Wolf

And, if you are expecting a new baby, or plan to be in the near future, the Healthy Baby Code is a must! Discover the absolutely essential steps you should take — before, during & after pregnancy — to set the stage for fertility and lifelong health for your baby.

Nutrition is critical for us all- but for babies and expectant mothers it is CRUCIAL.  Don’t be pregnant without it!  Healthy Baby Code

All links to connect with Chris Kresser, and Robb Wolf on the Paleologix Total Transformation along with Chris, are available on the sidebar of

And the one other thing I heard from a friend - “I need my oil change today!”
What she was referring to was her Paleo Smoothie that she starts her day with, every day.  Just as I do, and as I recommend to all of you- have a big, all-nutrients-included smoothie each day, and just with that ONE step you have gone a long way towards resolving your dietary requirements and long time deficiencies!  It really is that powerful, and that transformative.  Get yourself a Vitamix blender, and you are set- soon, you will be making your own “supplements” with real food, in your blender, daily!  The one tool I would not be without is my Vitamix.  Also a link at to purchase one with free shipping, so go there youngster!  Help your health son!

Tribal relations are important, and you are my favorite listener, and so an important tribal member!  I really want you to regain your health and fitness, and to maintain them for a long and satisfying and pain free life.  So, come talk with me every week, and together we will be on a long path upwards, up to the next level of health, weekly!

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