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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

PaleoJay turns 60!

Here is the celebration video of my upcoming 60th Birthday, and also my upcoming new eBook:

Perfectly Paleo Exercise
Training to Maximize a Low Carb High Fat Diet
 by Jay Bowers aka PaleoJay

This eBook, which is almost completed, covers exercise exhaustively, with a very different "spin" from the standard "Lift weights, Cross-fit, and even MovNat" Paleo orthodoxy...  

You will learn how to exercise in a manner that will maximize the results of your dramatically improved nutrition- This is no small matter!

The book has numerous instructional videos, and will cover all the bases about "going Paleo",  including the nutritional information you need.  

I'm quite excited by the potential of this book to help people transition from the S.A.D. Standard American Diet, loaded with "whole grains, trans-fats, processed "foods", and low fat crap"!  It really is not only possible, but almost inevitable that you will drastically improve your health, vitality, appearance and performance by incorporating a low carbohydrate, high fat diet- along with perfectly paleo exercise, a paleo smoothie, and ample sleep!

So, stay tuned!  Very soon, this book will be available!

And, if you are also turning 60, it should help you live to a vibrant, healthy 120 years!


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