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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Paleo Zone!

Here's the thing:

Going on a Paleo-type of diet; a low carb high fat diet, will do a lot more for you than just helping you "lean out" and become healthy overall...

The benefits go far beyond even that!  

You enter... The Paleo Zone! 

Really- your "brain fog" starts to disappear... things that used to seem impossible to even contemplate become do-able.  I am really not exaggerating here: I have seen it time and again, and experienced it personally:  as you transition to a Paleo type diet, eliminating the processed crap that Americans have come to see as "normal" in the S.A.D. Standard American Diet-

Your whole mindset starts to change!  

And I am not exaggerating.  As you eat "clean", you start to think much more clearly.  The BS spouted by government agencies starts to show up on your radar as... BS!  You can see it for what it is!

When you walk into the gas station/convenience store, you start to notice that- everything in the store being offered for sale is processed crap, that will destroy your health and make you sick, and (incidentally) ADDICT you to Pharmaceutical offerings that require that you pay them monthly, FOR THE REST OF YOUR (shortened) LIFE!

BUT, if you start eating Paleo, or eating a GOD -MADE, natural diet, a lot of things happen:

You start thinking much clearer.  Big Brother sounds like... BIG BROTHER.  Commercials for drugs and pizza start sounding like... THE PUSHER MAN!

And, believe it or not, that is just what those commercials are:

Drug pusher ads!

But, lest I start to sound like a retro-hippie advocating fighting back against "The Man", I will say this:

I am probably the most conservative, Washingtonian type of guy you will find.  And I will say that big pharmaceuticals, and big government (FDA is a poster child here) have entered into an incestuous relationship that is destroying the health of the American people, all in the name of profit.

Wow- I sound a little angry, and I guess I am...

But my main point is this:

If you "go Paleo", i.e. eat real, natural, GOD made foods, and forgo the processed crap that is being foisted on us today, you will not only get lean and healthy...

Your mind will work better than it ever has- you will see things as they really are, not as we are being led to believe!!

AND, you will also look great in a swimsuit - In 30 days!!   

(You probably will, but I'm just kidding there...)

Jay (with some of the family)

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