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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Get ready for Summer- darken your skin with a Paleo Smoothie!

I know- it's a picture used before, but it helps illustrates what I'm saying here:

Eat a paleo diet heavy with veggies and fruit, throw in everything else in the Paleo Smoothie, and you will actually darken your skin, naturally!

This may dismay light colored people, but by eating/drinking lots of carrots and tomatoes, your actual skin tone will darken!  It is kind of like a "permanent tan", and is actually just a glow of health!  People really don't know how to react to it: they will ask you if you have been on vacation, or if your are using a tanning bed...

But the true answer is you are just really healthy, and replete with the vitamins and minerals that the rest of the pasty, semi-sick, Standard American Diet-ers are sadly lacking.

It really has reached the point where average folks don't even recognize health!  Health has become an aberration- most modern Americans have never really seen a truly healthy person!!

So, they don't really understand why you seem "different".  Understandable, really...

You eat vegetables and fruits, they eat donuts and pizza.  You eat grass-fed beef, they eat chicken nuggets that are "quasi-meat".  You have pastured eggs for breakfast, and they have cereal with skim milk...

They are sick, and you are well!

It is sad, but very, very true that most people in the modern day Western World are...SICK!  The diets they consume are such that their intestines are inflamed, letting contaminants migrate into their bodies, and the nutrients they do consume are incredibly inadequate, and so they are sick, but in such a marginal way that our current drug-based medical system doesn't even recognize the problem.

High blood sugar?  Take insulin!
High Cholesterol?  Take statins!

The list of maladies and their supposed "cures" goes on and on...

Wouldn't you like to address and cure the CAUSE??

I know I would.  

Don't just put a "band-aid" on your problems, as the conventional medical establishment would have you do...


Eat a Paleo, "real foods" diet!

Eliminate grains and other "fake foods" like LOW FAT garbage and margarine!

Eat good fats like pastured butter, coconut oil, and pastured/Kerrygold types of butter!

Get sugar and other processed foods out of your life!!

These steps will have the additional benefit of getting those aforementioned drugs out of your life!!!!!!!

You really, really, really do NOT want those drugs in your life, or in your body!  Trust me:  I am

 And my skin is quite dark, for a White Man!

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