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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Perfectly Paleo Exercise as Play, with Visualized Resistance!

Here is a photo of Maxick- a strongman from early in the last century.  He trained almost exclusively with muscle control exercises, which is another form of saying visualized resistance.  He lifted weights, not to develop his muscles, but to exhibit the strength he had developed!
This is an extreme example of Visualized Resistance Training, "muscle control", or "Dynamic Tension"-whatever you choose to call it!
In the photo above, taken for a beer company ad, he pressed the heavyweight boxing champion of England over his head with one arm...16 times, without spilling a drop of the glass of beer held in his other hand!  The English champion weighed 205, Maxick a mere 147 pounds!  Real world strength indeed!    His system of training was called 'Maxalding"... more later.  Let's get training!

Paleo workouts as “play”!
It may seem strange to think of workouts, which we have come to think of as something grueling, something to dread... as “PLAY”!  And yet, that is exactly how I’d like for you to start thinking of your training- play time!  
How can this be?   
Well, when I first awaken in the morning (quite early, I might add!), the first thing I do is to do a little sequence of awakening exercises.  This little sequence literally takes less that two minutes, and is not taxing at all- but, taking your joints and limbs into just such an untaxing warmup and “lubrication” before anything else, and it sets the tone mentally for your entire day!  Not to mention, it gently wakes you up in a natural and pleasant way:

Simple as that looks, it is critical for your physical well-being to begin your day in such a manner!

After I’ve made my Paleo Quick Start Smoothie for the day, and a thermos of green or white tea along with a cup of coffee for later, I go from kitchen to living room, carrying a mug of steaming tea...I feel great; warmed up physically and mentally, fully awake, well rested (I always try to get at least 8 hours of good, quality sleep in a totally lightless bedroom).  
I am ready to train- but, this doesn’t mean I’m not ready to also have some fun!  So, I turn on my television, and usually turn on streaming NETFLIX as well, since using Netflix I can “pick up where I left off” in whatever movie I was watching, just as if I was marking the place in a book with a bookmark... but, watch what you will, or don’t if you please.  Just get ready to have some fun!  Because gradually and naturally exploring your own musculature, and gently testing your limits, is actually a rejuvenating and renewing process- one that just plain feels good!  That’s why animals do it, and that’s why we should do it too!  
Here again is the link to the Transformetrics exercise demonstration icons!
All of the exercises you need to fully develop your physique naturally, safely, and aesthetically are here- really!  You can add other physical training, and you probably will as your vastly improved, nutrient dense, Paleo or Ancestral Diet begins remaking the cells in your body into healthy ones!  Soon, your body will start to divest itself of inflammation, that endless state of chronic stress put into our modern bodies by the vast amounts of genetically altered grains, industrial seed oils, and vast amounts of sugar in all it’s various forms- corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, low fat dairy- all of those things that spike our insulin levels and irritate our gut linings...
This double whammy puts us into stress, elevating our cortisol (stress hormone), while at the same time starving us of the very nutrients our bodies need to fight off this stress, along with the further stress of “anti-nutrients” invading our damaged gut linings, and setting us up for a vast array of autoimmune diseases!    So, the moral of the story is this:
FIRST get your diet in order!  Paleo Diet, with a big green morning smoothie is the easiest, most effective way to do this!
SLEEP!  Lots!
EXERCISE- Here we are!  Start with your daily warmup, followed by Visualized Resistance, as shown in the link above.

Maxalding was the name of the Visualized Exercise system sold by Maxick for decades..  
Here is a link to his old books- some excellent reading is here!
Just so you know that this form of training has a long, very repectable tradition behind it-
But, like the long tradition behind our Ancestral Diets, that information has been largely forgotten in our new, low-fat, high carb, S.A.D. Standard American Diet of the past 50 years.  
It is time to relearn BOTH traditions!

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