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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Paleo Golf!

Actually, golfing is a wonderful, paleo-esque activity!  Really!

Think about it: long, leisurely hikes (like through the savannah), similar to tracking game...  lots of "slow-twitch" muscle fiber actions (chipping and putting), and just a few drives-(fast twitch power moves- like throwing a spear!)

A few interactions with hostile tribesmen (Judge Smails aka Ted Knight),

 and also a lot of interactions with characters such as Rodney Dangerfield (aka Al Czervik),

 and witch- doctor Ty Webb (Chevy Chase)... you get the idea!  Bushwood Country Club is a Paleo landscape!

Carl (Bill Murray) is a caveman, right on the country club scene!

And then, after a long, arduous (sort of) game of golf, you go to the clubhouse for  a big feast of prime rib or it's equivalent!

Talk about hunt-effort-reward!

So, why is there no mention of golf in Paleo discussions??

I think it is because Paleo/Primal folks are so strength training dominant.  Not that there is anything, per se wrong with that at all- training for strength is key in body composition and overall health, but there is also a huge role for the long, slow movement, punctuated by sudden bursts of high intensity effort that typified the lives of our primeval ancestors!  And, plaid pants and white belts aside:

Golf is IDEAL for this!!

I almost feel a bit like Martin Luther, saying this to the Catholic church hierarchy... but, it's true:

Golf is Paleo!!

There, I said it.  But, before you imagine me playing loud "Caddyshack" music from my golf bag, ala Rodney Dangerfield, and buying a plethora of "Naked Lady tee's", let me stress that I have some definite golf training ideas that Rodney, not to mention Judge Smails would not agree with!!  

(Carl might...)

OK, you have a normal golf "swing", right?  

Well, you also need a "left" golf swing (if you are right handed!)

The normal, "Transformetric" "Visualized resistance", Maxalding or "Dynamic tension"; whatever you call it-these exercises will dramatically increase your strength... and your overall golf game!!

Getting stronger, NATURALLY, will not only help your health, but will REVITALIZE your GOLF GAME!!

There is going to be a lot of that information in my "in-process" eBook :

Perfectly Paleo Exercise! 

This Book is coming SOON!

But for now, let me tell you one, invaluable golf tip:

Just swing from the other side!

Yup, if you are right-handed, practice swinging from the left side!

And, left-handed: do the reverse.  Right side swinging...

BUT, do it slowly, VISUALIZED, with resistance being generated from within, TENSING the muscles of the swing as you go!

Do it maybe 10 times, slowly...

Then, do it the right way, using your dominant (either right or left side depending), and also use the visualized resistance; making it hard, and flexing the working muscles intentionally.

This self resistance is going to build strength a lot, and doing it in reverse will balance out your development, and save your spine.  (The curse of golfers from swinging from one side forever!)

This exercise will only take you a few minutes per day...

But will turn you from a Judge Smails wannabe to..

A Ty Webb(Chevy Chase) golfing guru!!

Even Carl will be impressed!!

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