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Monday, March 5, 2012

The BEST way to get COCONUT MILK into your smoothie!

Perfect form of coconut milk??  Coconut milk powder:
Coconut Milk Powder   1 pound

For a long time, I believed in adding a can of coconut milk to my Paleo Smoothie each morning...
But now, for awhile now, I have substituted a few hefty scoops of coconut milk powder!

I just put the scoops of coconut milk powder into my 1 cup of so of green tea, add my spices of turmeric, ginger, kelp and cinnamon- and I have my smoothie "base"!  Good fats, anti-oxidants, and the liquid are all there to incorporate the fruits and veggies with their phytonutrients, not to mention the macronutrients that even mainstream medicine  admits are essential to human life, not to mention health.

"But PaleoJay", I hear you asking, "Where oh where can I get such a convenient, inexpensive, and just-plain-wonderful adjunct to my Paleo Quick Start Smoothie??"

Glad you asked, Grasshopper: bulk foods coconut milk powder!

Click above, order in bulk (wholesale!) and say goodbye to coconut milk in cans, full of water and Bisphenol A (BPA) and guar gum (legume based).

I now use my old flour canister to hold my coconut milk powder- talk about a positive repurposing of an erstwhile harmful part of my kitchen...

Enjoy this improvement to your Paleo Smoothie!  It may have been a "Quick Start", but it is ever-incrementally improving!  As I discover things, I will pass them on here, so check back often- I am rather obsessive about health and fitness.



NoBite said...

GREAT find, Jay! I am placing an order today. Timing is great. We had a case of coconut milk at a stark discount at work. A customer had special ordered it and then changed their mind. I was able to buy it at a ridiculous price, but I just used the last can earlier this week. I will now switch to your powder. Wondering if you simply add additional water to the mix to keep a smooth consistency?

LaDieu said...

Jay, thanks for the post. just what the doctor ordered. Just a thought... reduce the size of your header image so that your blog articles are on the users screen without having to scroll down. This will decrease your "bounce rate" which is when someone clicks through to your site and immediately leaves.

Keep up the good work!

PaleoJay said...

Just a little more green tea, and a little more kefir my friend!


Bulk Foods doesn't specify if this coconut milk powder contains maltodextrin and casein ... I imagine it does. Do you know?