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Monday, November 7, 2011

Stress- a two-edged sword

We all deal with stress- you know, the stress from work, family, training, traffic, etc.....

NOT GOOD we all think!!

And, most of the time, we are correct in that assumption...

We DO need to manage our stress.  Minimize.  Consciously relax.  Meditate.

All of the above are important!

But, you know, stress is also our friend- we NEED stress!  The stress of physical training: overload on the muscles- more than the last strength training day.  After we STRESS our muscles and tendons and cardio system; we need to rest, eat wisely, and then...

STRESS them again!

For our muscles, stress is PROGRESS!

For our eyesight, again, stress is progress!  Do NOT let the optometrist talk you into a stronger prescription.  Ask for a WEAKER one!  The STRESS of a mildly weaker prescription will force your eyes to strengthen!  Then, you can get a new, even WEAKER prescription...
Progress in this fashion, and you are bucking the trend! If you wear a cast on your arm, it will get weaker, and wither away in strength....  Likewise, if you wear a CAST on your EYES, they will wither and weaken as well.

FIGHT your optometrist on this.You want the same, OR A WEAKER PRESCRIPTION!!

You need the STRESS of a mildly stressing prescription, or else your CAST-BOUND eyes will wither away!

Trust me on this.  I no longer need glasses!  Stress is sometimes your friend.

BUT, stress needs to be mild, and gradual.  If not, it will be TOO stressful (like in a negative job/relationship situation), and then...

Meditate.  Minimize.  Consciously relax.  Meditate.

The Ying and the Yang.  We need them both!  It's not really easy, but it does all make sense.
               Eyeglass Jay:

 Happier, NON eyeglass wearing Jay:

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