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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sunday Workout

As regular readers of Paleo Quick Start already know, I mainly do a body-weight workout routine each morning, usually in front of the TV (blasphemy!), watching streaming Netflix movies.  The beauty of Netflix is that it keeps your place; when you resume watching the next morning, you pick up right where you left off!  Beauty...

On Sundays, though, I do something different:  I go into the basement dungeon/workout room, and go through a routine utilizing my dip bars, power rack/chinning bars, and other weight lifting accoutrements...
But sans weights!

I do regular chins and dips (my goal is 20 strict chin-ups by my 60th birthday next April, 2012.  Currently at 16 reps... BUT, after my regular chins and dips, I do the "Aerobic Isometric" version-

For chinups- I grasp the bar, but rest my feet on a small stool.  I slowly pull myself up through the chin, whilst keeping my eye on the clock.  I help myself just enough with my feet to barely make the rep happen, in strict slow motion!  I probably do 3 or 4 reps, max, in a minute's time.  That is my chin set!

Then, for dips, I do similarly: I help myself just enough, with my feet on the stool, to do the same 3 or 4 reps, throughout a very slow, full range of motion.  This technique enables totally loading the muscle in all positions- there is no "heaving" through some parts of the movement- for instance, at the bottom of the dip, where you are weakest, you can fully load the muscle, without fear of injury, with the help of your legs.

I do other exercises, such as hack squats, leaning way BACK whilst grasping the sides of the rack.  This takes the strain totally off of the knees!  And I similarly do one-legged squats, holding onto the sides yet again of the rack. (Helpful little power rack it is!)

My latest addition, however, is doing the kettle bell swing.  I'll do 20 reps, do another exercise, 20 more, another exercise, etc.  The kettle bell swing is a killer, but totally safe!

I'll have to list these exercises, with photos, for anyone who is interested.  Trust me- they are very effective, and get at the muscle fibers in a deeper fashion than body weight or even Visualized resistance exercises.  They just don't (and shouldn't!) be done very often!


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