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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Asian squat... or the Grok Squat- whatever you call it, this is the "go-to" resting position for humankind!  Ironically, in our modern, man-made world in which we are divorced from Nature and live in a "zoo" environment of chairs, car seats, desk chairs, lawn chairs, sofas etc. etc...most of us cannot even get into our natural resting posture, much less maintain it!  We have truly, as Erwan Le Corre puts it, become "Zoo People".
How to do the Asian Squat

See how it goes?  It may take awhile to work into holding this, but work at it.  This is the perfect morning (and throughout the day) stretch for your entire lower body and back- this is for humans what the raised back is for the cat- stretches them out many times throughout the day, so they are ready to move...
like a cat!

Are you ready to move like a human??

Well then, check out the aforementioned Erwan Le Corre's blog on -MovNat

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