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Monday, May 8, 2017

The BEST health advice EVER! PJSC podcast

I go on and on about what you should do for your health- it is a passion with me!  Diet, exercise, lifestyle- they all are so important!

For instance, if you are not sleeping in a blackened out, dark room every night, for at least 8 hours- you are harming your health in huge amounts!  Also, if you are eating gluten because ‘everyone does, and it’s just a fad’, well, I’m sorry- you are wrong- your gut is being made permeable, which means that all kinds of toxic crap is just flowing unimpeded into your circulatory system, making you just ripe for autoimmune diseases of all sorts!

I could go on and on: if you don’t exercise, especially in an appropriate type of way- you too will suffer severe health consequences.  Also, if you don’t get out into nature on a regular basis, experiencing the sounds of birds singing, and the wind through the trees as pollen and oxygen flows over your being- you will lose your health!
never There are so many ways that modern people wreck their health!  But, if there was one single thing that I would say is the MOST IMPORTANT??

Eat lots of vegetables.  Really- eat lots of vegetables!!

Now, what could be simpler than that?  I’m not asking you to go out and run marathons, (actually, please don’t!  Not healthy in the slightest!).   Also, I don’t ask you to lift super heavy weights, “bulk up”, and do ridiculously strenuous Crossfit stupid workouts- (again- please don’t!)

I do want you to work out, regularly, every day if you can in fact, but using bodyweight and self-resisted types of movement with lots of stretching, ala Perfectly Paleo Exercise.  Very simple stuff; actually very intuitive, once you get started.

BUT- the ONE main thing that I want you to do for HEALTH is this:


Now, I’m not a vegan, or a vegetarian- not even close!  Those two camps are, in my opinion, retarded. Stupid.  There has never been a vegan or vegetarian culture in the history of humans…NEVER!  They simply would not have survived without animal products, which we have evolved to take advantage of- never doubt this!

BUT- we are meant to eat tons, I mean lots of vegetables, I mean green leafy stuff, along with a few berries (in season) on a daily basis.  I mean like, ala Terry Wahls- 6 to 8 cups per day!

So, this is the best health advice ever!  Eat tons of vegetables, every day.  The best, honestly, are wild vegetables, like plantain, and dandelion, and their ilk.  They are absolutely loaded with nutrients!

But, you can do just fine with frozen and fresh veggies, like spinach, beets and beet greens, mixed assortments like the California Mix at the grocery with carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, and hey- throw in some sprouts- broccoli sprouts are now widely available, and so nutritious that they are like anti-cigarettes- that’s how healthy they are!!

The main takeaway is this:  it is difficult in modern times to eat that much vegetation!  Our culture has a little green salad, along with a huge burger and fries- that’s normal.  So, what to do??

Simple, grasshopper- get a high powered blender, (Vitamix is the gold standard!!), and make a real, paleo smoothie each day!  Use lots and lots of veggies, either fresh or frozen, and only a handful of fruit.  Berries and citrus are the best, since they are lowest in fructose.  Ideally, throw in everything I suggest for my Paleo Smoothie on, since I include everything your poor body needs to counteract modern SAD living.

But, mainly?  PUT A TON OF VEGGIES IN YOUR SMOOTHIE!  It’s a simple solution to a modern problem, and vastly underrated.  

Your goal should be this: to be a paleolithic carnivore, who also eats more veggies than a vegan!

Go for it.