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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Easy Paleo

The more I read and research about staying healthy in this our modern era, the simpler it becomes to me. There is really only one thing you need to do nutritionally to avoid degenerative diseases…
Strictly limit your refined carbs and sugars!
That’s it, I’m not kidding! The high blood glucose almost all Americans now live with, and the resultant spikes in insulin, over and over for years and years- well, that puts you into insulin resistance. This state is the fount of all our ills- it results eventually in metabolic syndrome, which makes our bodies prone to obesity, or more correctly diabesity, which has become the modern day plague upon the world.
And diabesity will push you into all the autoimmune diseases you can think of- of course diabetes, but also arthritis, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, IBS, diverticulitis, chrome’s disease- really, the list goes on and on. And no sense just listing horrible diseases that you can easily avoid, just by limiting refined carbs and sugars!
Of course, to effectively limit those carbs and sugars, you have to pretty much eliminate processed foods. This means pretty much all fast food (although McDonald’s coffee is surprisingly good!), frozen dinners from the grocery, boxes and bags of processed mixes and frozen biscuits and rolls and pizzas and- well, the list, just like the autoimmune diseases previously mentioned, goes on and on…
But ask yourself, which would you rather have- the dubious pleasure of a pop-tart in the morning and a hot pocket in the evening, washed down of course with soda pop of either diet or sugared variety- (both are really bad for you, but the diet pop is worse!)-
Or a healthy, fit body with no disease whatsoever??
Bottom line, the choice really is yours! And all it takes is to eat according to your evolutionary heritage- to eat real food. Forget (above all) bread and buns made from modern, altered wheat that makes your intestinal lining permeable, allowing contaminants free access to your bloodstream- autoimmune disease lies here! This sort of bread is also loaded with industrial seed oils, aka vegetable oils, that are more toxic than I can explain here. Just avoid them as well- processed, tasteless crap! Eat real fats like butter and lard instead- duh!
Is it really this easy? Limiting processed foods like bread, refined carbs and sugars?
Well, it is, but there is some easy stuff you need to add in, just to lead a good life overall, and also to ensure that your body works as it has evolved to:
Sleep 8 hours per night! Of more- I find that 9 is about right for me. Cutting down on sleep to “accomplish more” is a false badge of honor. You are just dumbing yourself down, and harming your health in the bargain!
Exercise! It doesn’t have to be a lot. Early mornings are best- just get up, and stretch on the floor while watching the news, or a cool Netflix video you have been watching. This makes it something that makes you want to get up early to enjoy!
Besides floor stretches, get a rebounder, and bounce on that while you flex your muscles through their range of motion. My ebook, Perfectly Paleo Exercise describes all the exercises you need! And actually- no equipment at all is needed for wonderful results! Also, just look on and you will find all the exercise advice you need.
8 hours of sleep. 30 minutes of exercise. And a diet of meats, veggies, fruits, full-fat dairy. An unlimited diet of those wonderful foods!
Now, does that really sound all that hard, for life-long, vibrant health and fitness?

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