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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Good Health is Your Choice

It’s not your doctor’s responsibility, it’s not up to your mother, or your husband or wife- it is simply your choice.
Health really is just about that simple! YOU make the decision each night whether or not to go to bed nice and early, turning off all the lights in your bedroom and then composing yourself for sleep. YOU decide not to look at various screens in bed, which are guaranteed to disrupt your circadian clock, and mess up your sleep. Also, this messing with your sleep clock, your circadian rhythm, is cumulative- the more you stay up too late, the more you mess up your body clock with bright lights via “screens” late at night, the worse your ability to sleep will become.
So, black out your bedroom, make sure it is dark and quiet all night long. Sleep is actually the first parameter of health, although you will rarely hear that this is so- it is! Probably more so than diet, actually. So do this first, ensure a good nights sleep.
When you wake up in the morning, well-rested, start your day with some exercise! Simple body weight and stretching types of exercise are the very best, and will do everything you want in terms of health and vitality. Really, no other equipment is really needed, and a gym is overkill. Get Perfectly Paleo Exercise in ebook or now in paperback as well- all the info you need is right there. Time tested stuff, paleo grasshopper!
Then, prepare a good breakfast, and pack a wonderful lunch you can look forward to! A green smoothie is a perfect breakfast; I often used to prepare two jars- one for breakfast, and another for a mid-afternoon snack. My lunch would usually be a big salad, topped with tuna, or else sardines in a can, and also things like a small cut of meat and mixed veggies in a glass canister to heat in a microwave. There is no need to ever go hungry!
OK- does all of that sound very hard? Work out gently for around 30 minutes before breakfast, in front of your tv on a yoga mat, stretching and doing pushups and straight legged sit ups and above all virtual resistance exercises while periodically sipping on your coffee? I’ll tell you, it feels so good and natural once you get in the habit, that nowadays I can’t really imagine starting my day without this wonderful morning routine! And the results are better, actually, that when I heaved and grunted under the heavy iron, injuring myself periodically, and succeeding mainly in building a fat butt and a sore back from squats, and sore shoulders and too-big pectorals from benching.
I’ve trained down now, but just don’t do it to start! You will look better and feel much better- and be much healthier without the heavy weights, and without the long running distances. Just sprint barefoot once or twice per week a few wind sprints, and it will lean you out faster than anything else I can name. Look at some world class sprinters, as opposed to distance runners- sprinters look like mini-bodybuilders- strong and defined, and symmetrical to boot!
So, if you do all that I’ve said above, making it part of yourself, routinely- you will become healthy! Quite healthy, really- by eliminating all of the crap that Americans eat today, things like most grains, sugars, fast and processed foods- you will gradually become so fit and healthy that you will have little in common with the hordes of bloated and sick-looking folks that swarm around you at WalMart. You will be like a lean panther, gliding smoothly amongst a huge herd of grain fed, confined cows let loose in the store!
Now, the last thing you need to know it this: by and large, avoid your doctor and medical clinic! Oh, I know, you’ve been brainwashed into believing that all of their many tests and medicines (all of which are incredibly expensive!) will save you from yourself and from any and all diseases… they won’t.
All of current western medicine is just about treating symptoms. The cause of illnesses is never addressed, because- you know what? I’ve just told you how to treat the cause of illness! It’s by getting enough sleep, exercising daily, and eating real, natural food. That’s it! Of course, there is always more that you can learn, by learning more about cutting edge nutrition, listening to podcasts and reading blogs on paleo living. You can learn about gut health, and how you should be eating fermented foods, and how sprouts can really supercharge your smoothies- but these are all just refinements on the basics!
Once again, the only thing that can really mess you up? Medical Prescriptions! Let those drugs into your system, and your body will start to slide, as the endless side-effects wreak their deadly poison. So really- “let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.”

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