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Sunday, June 19, 2016

PJSC #131 Illegal Immigration is the Leaky Gut of Nations!

Benefits of an intact gut wall

I thought I would phrase todays thoughts in “paleo terms”.  Leaky gut- we all know what that means, right?  If not, here is what it is: when the walls of our small intestine become so damaged, so leaky through constant insult in the form of gluten and gliadin, that the “borders” of our digestion can no longer protect us from invaders.
Invaders, in this case, consist of rogue food particles, bacteria- anything, really, that slips through our bodies intestinal wall defenses!  These foreign particles can cause a world of damage, since they cause our immune defenses to go crazy trying to defend us from this constant stream of invaders.
In fact, our immune system gears up too strongly in the face of such massive threat, and becomes confused, even attacking the tissues of your own body.  This is what results in all auto-immune diseases, which are the very diseases now killing modern Westerners, while subjecting them first to an ever increasing disease plagued life.  Obesity, diabesity, diabetes, autism, rheumatoid arthritis- the list goes on and on.  If you have a chronic disease, it is most likely one of these autoimmune variety.  Eventually, the insult is enough to result in one of the big three killers: heart disease, cancer, or iatrogenesis (death by doctor)!
Luckily, you and I both know how to prevent all of this supposedly inevitable outcome:  we eat a paleo type of diet, with no wheat, and very little (if any) grains at all.  (This preserves our gut lining!).  We fortify the “terrain” of our body with nutrient dense foods, meaning loads of green veggies, some fruit, herbs and spices like ginger and turmeric, pastured meats and, if we can tolerate them- pastured dairy products.  We drink a Paleo green smoothie on a daily basis, assuring maximum nutritional support for our body, and we sleep 8 hours per night, exercise in the PerfectlyPaleo, non-damaging fashion, cultivate our “tribe” of family and friends, and try to minimize stress in our lives.
Common sense really, right?  Well, what works for our bodies also is what works in the body politic of nations…

Right now we have a nightmare situation, both in the US and western europe, where illegal immigrants of largely hostile intent are “migrating” through the “leaky gut” of our non -existent borders, or the nations “Gut Walls” if you will.  These hostile ‘immigrants” are the gluten and gliadin of our nation, slipping through not only unimpeded, but actually being welcomed into the country their religion instructs them to undermine and destroy.
It really is that extreme; the violence and destruction that has already happened would have been inconceivable even 10 years ago, and now it is commonplace.
I blame part of our acceptance of this situation on our ignorance of history- what kids are taught Roman history anymore?  Heck, they’re not even being taught American history anymore, except to point out how evil we always were!  What a bunch of crap.
Let me tell you this: from without the borders of the Roman empire, many of my ancestors of that era, the Germans, began to move into Roman territory.  At first, the Romans allowed them to do so… eventually, this small tide turned into a flood of “immigrants”, but that is the wrong word really- they were invaders!  They brought their own culture, their own gods, and wanted it everywhere, including Rome!  And once the invaders had breached the border defenses, Rome lacked the military strength to expel them.
I hope you know what happened then… If not, here it is:  The Roman state was invaded, and gradually was destroyed from within, not only from the invading immigrants, but also because of the deep corruption and self-interest of her rulers.
Sound familiar to modern day America and Western Europe?  Really, the nation-state is not that much different from the human body- once we lose our individual integrity and health, we fail.  All our ancestors built can be lost very very quickly, never to be regained.  So- heal your own gut wall!  Be healthy!!
And heal the walls of our nations.  Strong borders are vital for a nation.  So is a strong collective identity.  (Our tribe!)  Vote correctly, for our nations health.  If you consider yourself “liberal”, at this point that means that you are voting for lots of wheat and sugar, no exercise, or else chronic endless cardio, low fat, and low protein.  You are a S.A.D. American, and need to change!
Save your body, mind, and health.  Using the same principles, you can save Western Civilization, the only culture that has assured women rights, the end of slavery, and even gay rights.  The only one.  Western Civilization is the ultimate hope of the entire world.