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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Paleo Quick Tip of the Day #125 WHERE to live is a Paleo Decision!

This may sound kind of strange, but truly- WHERE you live is crucially important! To your health, to your psyche, and to the health and wellness of your entire family. It really is that important.
Nowadays, if you live in a big city, you are virtually guaranteed that your air is polluted, you are unsafe from criminal predators, and you are isolated from the fields and forests, the prairies and savannas that we are evolved to live within. You are instantly non-paleo!
You might fix your diet, many big city folks do, eating lots of leafy greens, full fat pastured dairy and meats, real oils made from coconut and olive and no horrid vegetable oils like canola or soy…
You might work out ata-out curtains that eliminate the constant artificial light that disturbs your circadian rhythms…
Congratulations! You are doing as well as you can, within that unnatural, unpaleo environment!
But, it’s a “good-better-best” scenario- you are merely “good”. You are still subject to a terrible crime epidemic that has taken over our large, and even some not-so-large cities. You still have an awful public school system in virtually ALL large cities, one that subjects children to violence and bullying, and offers pitiful instruction on subjects largely dealing with political correctness, and little else.
The very air you breathe is toxic, as is the public water system water, which is increasingly loaded with chlorine, fluoride, and a plethora of bad things that will kill your gut microbes, and damage your health in a huge way.
“Oh, but I live in a suburb, outside of the big city!” you retort. Well, this is not much better, my friend…
Although the school system will be vastly better, (and the police protection and government), it comes with a huge price. NOW, you need money-money-money in ever increasing amounts, because to live in the suburbs has become incredibly expensive. Incredibly expensive!
And why is this? Because people will pay any amount to keep themselves and their families safe from the predators that have taken over our inner cities. Anything. And this has led to suburbs that are like, if not literally “gated communities”, are pretty much in actuality the same thing.
And, in the suburbs, you have to do everything “by the rules”, which means having a perfect, carpet-like lawn, which is nowadays drenched in glyphosate via Roundup, leaving a toxic mess for your children to play on! And the pressure to compete, even in grade school- dance classes, gymnastic classes, soccer and tennis and swimming and- the list goes on and on. There is no way for kids to just hang out, be kids on their own, playing with sticks and balls, running around in nature- especially because, for kids in the city or the suburbs- there is no nature anymore! It’s all paved, or organized fields with adult coaches, or concrete. And the suburbs have the same rotten treated water, the same congestion only a little less, but a huge, endless demand for money to live there! This is the worst- everything in life starts to look like a dollar sign. “I need more money, more more more!” Enough is never enough, because you always need more. This stress alone is enough to disqualify the suburbs as a paleo place!

“But PaleoJay, PaleoJay,” you say. “What shall I do?”
I shall tell thee, grasshopper- get thee to a small community! Rural is best, and actually just outside a small, well-chosen community lies the most wholesome environment for you and your family. There you can have well water, which will be free of chemical treatments. Wonderful, uncontaminated air to breathe, and a lack of congestion and crime!
If you can, buy an acre or more, so you have the room to walk about barefoot on your land, knowing it is free of chemical treatments. Now you can grow a garden, with healthful, organic vegetables! Another bonus!
In more rural areas, your taxes and living expenses will be much lower. This reduces stress dramatically, often allowing one spouse to stay home and actually raise the children, without the necessity for both to work.
One usually has to work to support the family, the other has to work to pay the taxes that support our current welfare state! This is what it has come down to, unfortunately.
So, for your health, and for the health of your family, and ultimately of the nation- go small!
Don’t live in Detroit, or the future Detroits that are developing around the nation. (There are a bunch! Chicago springs to mind!)
Move to a place, a small town or rural area around a small, vital city, where people actually go daily to work for a living. Get a small homestead, a few acres if you can, and work the land to raise a garden, chickens, whatever. Your kids will benefit just from the experience, and will develop into people you will be proud of, clean-cut and self sufficient; kids that won’t need to follow the latest fad, or get tattoos and piercings and listen to Rap Crap to be “cool”.
There really are many places in our country, mainly in the Midwest, but all over, that are conducive to a natural, paleo, ancestral, wonderful healthful lifestyle! You just need to “make the move”, which is difficult, but oh so worthwhile!
Just choose your place, and make the move!

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