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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Paleo Quick Tip of the Day #122 Paleo Basics 2

Last Wednesday we talked about Paleo Basics 1, which is just to give up gluten, mainly in the form of wheat!  I hope you have done it this past week, and that you already notice a difference.  The positive effects come on quite quickly, and continue the longer you maintain a gluten free lifestyle.  Weight loss, an ending to a “bloated feeling” and a distended stomach are usually the first to happen. 
In my case, years ago I got migraine headaches.  They were awful, they started in my late 40’s, and they got progressively worse and more frequent.  Then, when I gave up wheat, the disappeared completely.  It wasn’t a gradual thing, they just stopped, and I have never had a headache since, of any kind! 
Of course, that alone was worth it, but there have been many additional positive effects: much better skin, clear and no dryness, much more definition both of face and body, shinier hair; the list goes on and on.  All from just giving up one thing- wheat.
Now, as phase two of Paleo living, I’m asking you not to give anything up, but to add things IN!  Nutrient Dense foods are foods that are loaded with the vitamins and enzymes and just everything your body needs to thrive and be super healthy.  And the very best way to achieve that is with a Green Paleo Smoothie!
My paperback book, which also is available in Kindle, has my complete smoothie recipe, which I recommend you, like me, drink a jar or glass of each and every day.  You will need a good blender; the Vitamix I have is great, but even a Nutri-bullet or one like that is OK.  The Vitamix is perfect for blending up a large quantity though, and then you can store them in canning jars in the fridge, ready for the next few days of top notch super nutrition.
That is really the foundation of your nutrition, since you can put all the greens, kefir, avocado, lemon, berries, apple cider vinegar, and all the rest into one convenient, tasty beverage.  Then, just have a big salad for lunch, put on some tuna mixed with salmon salad, or beef, or chicken, and make yourself a great dressing!  The reason I say to make your own, is that there are almost NO commercial salad dressings you can find that don’t use vegetable oils, which are really bad for you, and are more accurately called industrial seed oils because of the intense chemical processing they undergo to make oils out of hard seeds.  Not natural at all, and almost all Omega 6 fats. 
To make your own is really easy, and they taste so much better.  Here is a link to a few recipes that I’ve used:

Most use olive oil instead of awful soybean or canola oil; I particularly like the Apple Cider Vinegar dressing, which is 1 cup olive oil, 1/2 cup apple cider vinegar, with onion powder, mustard powder, garlic, thyme, basil, and sea salt.  Just put it all in a jar, shake, and it’s done.  Enough for quite a few tasty salads, and all very, very nutritious!

After your morning smoothie, and your lunchtime salad, just grill out some good grass fed steaks, some ribs, and sometimes a baked potato with sour cream, grass fed butter, and sea salt.  Snacks can be mixed nuts and cans of sardines, with an occasional (daily, for me!) piece of dark chocolate.  Cooked veggies are also great with your dinner, and loaded with nutrients as well.

This is not a diet per se, or a starvation type of meal plan at all!  It is crucial to get enough nutrients, not to deprive yourself of quality foods.  You do cut the wheat, and thereby all of the processed just snack foods at the same time, since they are mostly made of wheat, and processed corn and vegetable oils.  But everything else is about adding in as much quality nutritional foods as you can!  The OPPOSITE of what we think of as a diet.  With top quality nutrition, your body can heal, build, and optimize your physical, and mental self!

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