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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Paleo Quick Tip of the Day #99 How to Go Paleo and Thrive!

Thrive Market is an online wholesale buying club- kind of like Amazon Prime meets Sam’s Club or Costco, only healthier and better. Organic, real food products at true wholesale prices!

You sign up at the link here-

You sign up for free with a 30 day trial, with 25% off of your first order- this is in addition to the already low prices, which are already 25-50% off of retail!

Any time during the 30 days, you can “become a thriver” by buying a membership for $5 per month, or $60 per year.  The average to pay this off in savings is in just two orders!

And best of all, this membership into top quality, paleo types of foods is shipped directly to your door, in amazing condition because they pack it so well, post paid for any order over $49.95! 

In addition, for every purchased membership, Thrive gives away a membership to a food-insecure family from a neighborhood without access to wholesome, organic foods. 
pqtd 99 Go Paleo and Thrive

This segues into my previous statement very well indeed!  The number one thing you need to do to achieve everlasting health and wellness, fitness and leanness, is to only eat wonderful, nutritious, nature and God made foods!  That is rule #1 of Paleo Land!!

So, if you get a trial to Thrive market by clicking on the link at, you can immediately start on the yellow brick road path to health by making an order on line  with no membership fee for the first month, AND a 15% discount on your first order!! 

This is on top of the already wholesale prices at Thrive of 25- 50% off!  So, this should get you motivated to change your lifestyle to that of an ancestral one- clean out your cupboards of all the boxed and crappy processed wheat and soy crapola; the pancake mixes, the flour, the sugar, the bread and cakes, candies and pies...

Throw that stuff in the garbage- it is not fit for consumption!  Don’t give it to the homeless shelter, or a pet, or even wild animals- well, I guess wild animals are ok, since birds can digest grains... just don’t give it to mammals!! 

OK, now you have a pristine kitchen, just waiting for REAL FOOD to arrive!  Make your order- make sure it is over $50.00, and there will be no shipping cost!   (Don’t forget you also get 15% off of the already 25-50% off, so this should be a BIG, and INEXPENSIVE order for all that you will get).  And, all of Thrive’s stuff is TOP QUALITY PALEO FRIENDLY!

Oh, don’t forget to throw out your toxic cleaning products as well, and your sodium lauryl sulphate laden soaps, shampoos, mouthwashes and toothpaste-  this mean they are loaded with chemical, petroleum derived industrial cleaners instead of good natural SOAP!  Also, commercial toothpastes are nightmares that are loaded with toxic fluoride, and again, sodium laurly sulphate that makes it lather up real nice, giving the ILLUSION that it is cleaning your teeth.  It’s NOT.  Also, the glycerine in these standard toothpastes will prevent your teeth from “remineralizing”; that is, keep them from repairing themselves- did you know that teeth can actually put minerals back onto your teeth that have eroded, just as it rebuilds muscles you have broken down through the damage of exercise, making them stronger?? 

It can, if you keep that damn glycerine in standard toothpastes AWAY from your teeth!

So, make your big, initial order with Thrive market- tell them PaleoJay sent you- and you will also get a free jar of raw, unstrained honey!  Raw honey is really healthy, my healthy paleo friend who has a super clean, health promoting pantry and kitchen enroute to them via Thrive...

There is even a header bar where you can click:
SHOP BY PALEO- all of your selections will be filtered to the Paleo lifestyle!!

You don’t have to drive anywhere.  You don’t have to put gas in your vehicle.  That’s all paid for you- AND you are getting a huge discount on top of it all- no hassle, no trouble- just browse online at thrive and place your money and health saving order! 

When the “green”, impressive package arrives, if you are like me, it will be like Christmas!  (Actually, at this time of year, it WILL LITERALLY BE CHRISTMAS!!) 

You will love putting these healthy substitutes into your cupboards in place of all the CRAP that used to be there!

Some ideas?  Coconut oil (Thrive has their own, at 47% off retail!), vitamin D, real soaps and shampoos, sea salt and baking soda (the perfect toothpaste!), tea tree oil (1/2 price on Thrive!),  Bragg’s Apple cider vinegar (34% off), real salad dressings with real oils (not soy oil BS!) for substantial discounts, wonderful mayonnaise with avocado oil instead of soy,pqte almond flour, tapioca flour which makes a wonderful pizza crust!, and coconut flour all at substantial discounts to what you’d pay in a store...

And all so convenient and easy.  So healthy, and all with the ability to utterly transform your life and health for the better!  And CHEAPLY- did I mention THAT??

This really is a deal-changer.  Take back your life and health, get the body you have always wanted, easily and without having to drive here and there, searching for what you need, all at high prices. 

Just click here, and get started:

I’ll see you on the other side, my lean and healthy paleo friend!  Take photos, before your order and one month after- you won’t believe the results!

Send them to me, at

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