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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Paleo Quick Tip of the Day #97 Modern Medicine is NOT based on Modern Science!

pqtd 97  Modern Medicine is not based on Modern Science

This is a sad podcast to have to make, because it is upsetting to many folks... but, it is true, nonetheless!  We are all the victim of an unnatural allegiance to “science” at all costs- I mean science has all the answers, does it not??

This seems reasonable on the face of it, but in our modern day, science has been replaced, largely, with scientism. 

This is the insistence that all of our problems, in fact everything in our lives can be reduces to... science based answers! 

The problem is, most of our evidence based science has been replaced with 30 year old scientism. 

For instance, it has been known for decades that a low fat, high carb diet as pushed by the USDA and the Federal Government does NOT lead to health.  In fact, it is a diet that will make you FAT AND SICK, diabetic and prone to heart disease and cancer, among many other diseases. 

And yet, this is the recommended “My Plate” diet!  The real, evidence based science is all there: in fact, it has been there for decades.  But in an environment where medical doctors and institutions have been promoting that diet for about 40-50 years, and where most doctors are working on what they learned at least 20-30 years ago, they keep on promoting what is not real, evidence based science- they promote scientism, or the illusion of science, based on outdated ideas that have been proven wrong by the evidence.  Experimental evidence, experiential evidence, and the evidence of endless contrary outcomes!

Many other things spring to mind:

Statins are shown to be of almost no benefit to anyone who has not already had a heart attack.  (They are still very widely prescribed, although the side effects are horrific, and the benefits pretty much non-existent in the vast majority of cases).
Statins are prescribed for women, for whom there is no evidence that there is any benefit whatsoever.  In fact, as women get older, the higher their cholesterol levels, the better their life expectancy!
When Pharmaceutical companies fund over 2/3 of medical “research”, what do you think their outcomes will recommend?  A paleo type of diet?  Good exercise, solid sleep, and meditation???  No... more pharmaceutical drugs!!
Flu shots- did you know there is no real science behind these heavily marketed shots?  It’s all a big marketing scam, based on “scientism”, not real science, that is foisted on the public for profit??
Bottom line- we have a “profit based health care system”, not a “science based health care system”. 

If all of this doesn’t “scare you straight”, and make you want to be your own doctor, it should. 

No one cares about your health like you do.  Do NOT just go on about your normal lifestyle, eating fast food crap and processed junk like soybean oil salad dressings and pizza, thinking the medical system will fix you if anything goes wrong.  They won’t!

It is in their interest to have you destroy your own health by following their recommendations, and getting diabesity, and all of the autoimmune diseases that come along with that.  Then, you can purchase drugs, forever, for as long as your miserable, pain-wracked life goes on, as you continue to eat the disease encouraging “healthy whole grains” and low fat garbage and sugar until you give them every bit of your savings during your last few weeks in the hospital...

But, at least you’ll know, you did it all in the name of SCIENCE!

Er... I mean  SCIENTISM!

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