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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Paleo Quick Tip of the Day #100 Keep it Real, Paleo Peep!

Cleaning the closet!

As we approach the new year, let’s not make a million resolutions and then fall short by March or so trying for all of those goals. Instead, make one simple resolution that, if faithfully kept, will gradually and inevitably bring us closer to all of those other ones- you know, the ones where you will lose fat weight, exercise regularly, accomplish more both at work and at home, etc. etc. etcetera!

This year, resolve simply to accomplish something real, each and every day!

That doesn’t sound too onerous, does it?  It’s actually kind of open-ended, in that what you accomplish each day does not have to include all of your many resolutions.  What I mean is, let’s say your first real accomplishment could be simply listing everything you hope to get done by next January!  Be realistic, but also put down everything you would really like to get done.

Want to get fit?  Write down a one day program to get you started, perhaps starting with setting a reasonable bed time; one which ensures that you will get up 45 minutes early, but still gives you a good 8-9 hours of sleep before getting up.  This one accomplishment, on day one, already sets up two incredibly powerful giant steps towards your goal: not only are you getting up early to exercise, you are also making sure you get a solid night of sleep! Win-win!

You might also jot down a good home exercise program you intend to follow the next day, including pushups, sit ups, floor stretches, and isometrics.  Perfectly Paleo Exercise, my e-book on exercise, and my newest book PaleoJay’s Smoothie Cafe, which is an e-book now and soon to be available on paperback can help here, but of course instruction is widely available on this topic on line and in print. has lots and lots of exercise ideas on it!

After a few days of this real exercise and sleeping accomplishment, you will start to feel better and better. (Ample sleep and exercise will do that for you!)   Don’t kill yourself in the exercise part, especially at first- you are not exercising to look good for one day; you are exercising for yourself, for a lifetime!  Slow and steady…

See?  You have already accomplished what 9 out of 10 people resolve to do, and don’t.  And I’m sure you have other resolutions, but these two will help dramatically with those as well.  A well rested, not groggy but positively vibrant you will head off to work, ready to accomplish there as well!

Once you are moving ahead, in anything important like this, you begin to want to accomplish more “real” things- here are some suggestions, but feel free to insert your own ideas:  Organize your bedroom closet, clean up your garage, clean up your diet, clean out your kitchen of all non-paleo garbage foods, plant a vegetable garden, connect with a local farmer or rancher for pastured meat and eggs, join Thrive market for quality foods, soaps, supplements and cleaning supplies; I’m sure you get the idea!

Just do one at a time.  One day, you may decide to add in meditation, as I did.  Just sit quietly in a comfortable chair, close your eyes, and concentrate on one thing.  If your attention wanders, gently bring it back to that.  I just say “one” to myself, over and over.  10 to 15 minutes is ideal, but start with 2 or 3.  Another day, you can clean out your bedroom closet- trust me, this one accomplishment will inspire you, on other days, to do more “tidying”, it is that satisfying and liberating!

It all comes back to just doing something real every day.  You will still have time to do other things, but will feel so much better, and accomplish so much more, by first doing some real thing that you have decided on.  Accomplishments feed on themselves, achieving one thing makes you want to accomplish one more, and one more after that… and you are on your way to a great year!