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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Paleo Quick Tip of the Day #84 Be a Paleo Role Model

My new grandson- Abram Peter!

It won’t be long until eating a paleo diet will be like not smoking cigarettes!  I know, it sounds far fetched in these benighted times, when if you order a burger without a bun gets you incredulous looks from all around you, but give it time, my friends...

If you heard the videos I played at the beginning of my podcast, you will realize just how much cigarette smoking was ingrained in the American culture of not that long ago (the 1960’s).  I am 63 now, and remember well the day of extensive cigarette ads on TV and radio, the vending machines on every corner that sold cigarette packs to anyone with 35 cents, and how every home had multiple ash trays set around inside... even in households that did not contain a smoker!

When I was a child, even though neither of my parents smoked, most of their friends did, and so it was my job to empty the ash trays after they visited!  Actually, if anything will put you off of cigarette smoking, it would be that job of emptying the leftover ashes and especially those icky lipstick smeared butts...

It was mainly a “cultural thing” back then, and I believe that eating wheat products like altered, modern bread and cereals will look just like cigarette smoking in the future!  The science is all there, backing up the health benefits of ditching grains and sugars- it just hasn’t filtered out into the mainstream as of yet!

What do you think, and how do you react when you see a pregnant woman drinking alcohol?  Or nursing her baby (well, in this case she’d probably use formula instead) while smoking a cigarette??

You recoil in horror, right?

Wait a few years, and when you see a mother giving her little children a happy meal of crappy fake hamburger meat on a huge bun with fries and a coke, you will recoil just the same!  It will NOT be socially acceptable any longer, and rightfully so.

It will still be with us, since we are a free country, thankfully...but there will be strong disapproval from all around it.
The time will come when your fellow workers will not be proud of eating a candy bar, and guzzling a mountain dew for breakfast in the morning, since they stayed up too late and didn’t get enough sleep...

They will be ashamed.  Again, and rightfully so- the information will have filtered down to the masses- everyone who has a brain, at least, will get it-

Sugar, and grains are BAD!  Vegetables, natural fats and meats are wonderful, and above all- OUR HEALTH IS UP TO US!

Conventional medicine only masks symptoms; it does not cure the cause- that is up to us, our own diet and lifestyle choices!  And, when everyone finally knows that, why then anyone who does not make the right choices might as well be wearing a dunce cap and a clown nose.


So, go ahead and look like a genius, way ahead of your time.  Make a green smoothie, and drink it daily.  Eat grass fed meat and dairy, pastured eggs and dairy, tons of veggies, and become your OWN doctor- avoid pharmaceutical medicines as much as you can!  They cause more deaths by far than illegal drugs!!

Sleep 8 hours each night, and exercise with natural Perfectly Paleo types of body weight exercises each day.  Develop a good tribe of family and friends!

You will be healthy and happy, but even more importantly:


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