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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Paleo Quick Tip of the Day podcast #85- Don't eat Industrial Seed Oils Dude!

Paleo Quick Tip of the Day #85 podcast- Don’t eat Industrial Vegetable oils Dude!

This is a key point of paleo health that is often sidelined.  I mean, we all know that avoiding grains is key, but what is so bad about some clear looking oil that is labeled “heart-healthy” by every doctor and government health agency?

Well, first of all, almost every doctor and government agency is not your friend- they have an agenda; the doctor is an agent of large medical establishments that want your (and your insurance companies) MONEY, first and foremost.  Besides, they have been trained by pharmaceutical company funded college programs, and all they know is drugs and surgeries- they know next to nothing about nutrition, unless they taught it to themselves.  (Most pooh pooh nutrition altogether)

And the Government Agencies?  They also have an agenda, and it is not to help you, the taxpayer...

They want to sell farm products, America’s biggest export, and your health is probably better for them if you are NOT healthy!  The less social security payouts they have to make, the better.  They don’t want a lot of old seniors around, sucking up money that they (the government) could spend so much better than you can!)  Ha Ha.

Back to vegetable oils.  Corn, soy, cottonseed, sunflower, and safflower oils are very high in omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids, which cause oxidative damage and inflammation, which dramatically raise the risk of heart disease!  It is very important to avoid these fake, industrial, unnatural fats!!

Unfortunately, almost anything that you buy in a supermarket that is packaged uses these cheap, industrial oils.  And, if you go to almost any mainstream restaurant, these vegetable oils are what they use.

If you normally eat at home, and use real, natural, God made fats like butter, animal fats like lard, and coconut oil, you are building your health daily, particularly your heart health!  Despite what we’ve been lied to about for decades, natural, saturated fat is incredibly healthy!

But if you eat out in restaurants, know that they almost ALL use bad, industrial seed or vegetable oils.  And so, it is important to eat out only occasionally, since these oils are really bad on a regular basis!  Even if you always order “paleo friendly” meals like meats and veggies, they will be cooked in bad oils.

Salads are great, but if you get them at a restaurant: the dressings are almost certainly industrial seed oils. It’s kind of sickening, really; back in the 1950’s and 60’s, everything was cooked in natural lard or coconut oil, maybe butter.  I think that is why the WW2 generation is so long lived, they had really good food for the first half of their lives!  (My own father, Phil, is still going strong, living at home with my mother Carolyn, and he is 95!)

Then, after Ancel Keyes and the stupid Mc Govern commission decided that fat was the villain; well, our national health has been on a huge tailspin since then.  So, ignore them and eat real fat.

Try to avoid fake, industrial vegetable oils as much as possible- eat at home most of the time, and eat real food (and real fat).  If you go out to eat, and they offer sauces like hollandaise or others, pass.  They are undoubtedly soy oil based!

Just remember that these oils, although they kind of go “under the radar” since they are largely invisible, are really important. Bad, vegetable seed oils are like water in the gas tank, or a nail in the tire to the paleo diet- small things that seem beneath notice, but they are truly devastating to your health!

If you want a truly good oil, then just get a big bottle of cod liver oil, and put it in your daily Paleo Green Smoothie!  Now that is an oil I can swear by!!

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