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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Paleo people buy tuna- they deserve this free money!

Hi, paleo people; PaleoJay here!  Angelo Coppola from the podcast Latest in Paleo has made me aware of a great deal for all of you tuna eaters:

Starkist Tuna has been implicated in a lawsuit stating that they have been under filling their 5 oz. cans of tuna since 2009!  If you have bought even ONE can of their tuna during that time frame, you are entitled to compensation.

Starkist has agreed, to avoid a lengthy trial, to award to every person who has purchased their tuna, and who fills out a brief form on line to get their choice of two awards:

$50.00 in Starkist tuna vouchers, or $25.00 in cash!  Starkist Tuna lawsuit form

I filled out the form; it takes all of two minutes; one if you have address auto-fill on your computer.

If you are like me, eating real foods, you eat a lot of tuna!  You have been overcharged, so send a message to the corporation and fill out this form.  This will keep them, and other companies, from doing the same thing to consumers.