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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Paleo Quick Tip of the Day #61 Cook your Grass fed Beef RIGHT!

pqtd 61  Cook your grass fed beef RIGHT

The health benefits of beef that is totally GRASS FED are legion!  MUCH higher in Omega 3 fats, much leaner, so much better for your than feedlot beef that is almost all omega 6 fats, and loaded with antibiotics that go right into your body.  Animals that are grass fed are so healthy that they do not NEED these drugs to stay alive long enough to slaughter- healthy animals are good for you!  Drugged animals are NOT.

Grass fed beef has an Omega 3 ratio that makes it as good for you as wild caught salmon.  In addition, with no other change whatsoever, if you switch to grass fed beef from CAFO or feed-lot beef, with no other changes, you would lose 6 pounds per year, strictly because of the leanness of the meat.

I hope I have convinced you to make the switch!  It really is a no-brainer.  Just find a local source, ideally, and the cost will be about the same, and you will have made a connection that can also hook you up with free range eggs, raw milk and cream, and pastured pork!

BUT, you do need to learn how to change up your cooking methods!  Yesterday I grilled a grass fed roast, then ground beef, pastured bacon, and finally a rib eye steak...  and you have to cook them all LOW and SLOW.

With a Weber grill, which is the gold standard as far as I am concerned, or at least the most commonly used grill in the USA- keep the temperature DOWN.  If you have a temperature gauge on your grill, try to keep it between 300 and 360 degrees, and hold it there.  But let’s retrace our steps here:

Put all of the charcoal to one side of the grill!  I know, Weber says to put charcoal on either side, and a drip pan in the middle... don’t bother!  All on one side, either start with a propane torch as I do (total time 1 minute), or with a chimney starter (total time about 10 minutes)...

I love my torch!

NOW, put your meat on the OPPOSITE side of the grill that you have the charcoal on.  OH, by the way, Paleo Person- only use real charcoal, hardwood charcoal, sometimes called cowboy charcoal- forget Kingsford and others, that are mixed with petroleum byproducts- YUCK!

Also, forget lighter fluid, which is also petroleum based, and super toxic- YUCK YUCK YUCK!!
Low and Slow!

For a grass fed roast, put it on first, and cook it extremely low and slow...  later, if you add ground beef, you can also add your bacon, and finally your steak!

Now, with a standard grocery store feedlot steak, you would just sear it on high, maybe 500 degrees, for maybe 2-3 minutes per side...

Not so with grass fed my friend!!  Very different...

It should take at least 20 minutes to grill your steak!  Sear it briefly, and then, cover on the grill, turn it down as low as you can... just sit there, drinking your green smoothie (Hey, I’m joking- have a light, cheap, corn-based beer dude), and keep it LOW and SLOW.

Check often; the opening will only lower the temp.  Take it off before it is even medium rare, and all else will be done as well- the roast should be about an hour, the ground beef about 1/2, and the steak 20 minutes.

At last, you have learned to cook grass fed, and pastured meat, no problem!

You have learned to cook GRASS FED, super healthy meat!!  It is a short learning curve, resulting in incredibly improved health and actually improved taste- once you go grass, you won’t go back!

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