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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Paleo Quick Tip of the Day #63 Virtual Resistance exercise is the PERFECT core exercise!

pqtd 63  Do Virtual Resistance Exercise as the CORE of your workout!

This is a hard one to tackle via a podcast- HOW to describe how to do an type of exercise that we all should know, and do, on a daily basis...

But that no one knows how to do anymore???

It’s like how we eat in the present day-  most people nowadays live almost totally on processed foods, and fast foods- in other words, “fake” foods that come in a bag or a box, require none or minimal preparation, and contain calories but almost no nutrients!  We actually have forgotten how to prepare and cook our own food- this is a skill me must relearn to regain the health of our forebears, and escape the nightmare slide into diabesity, autism, autoimmune diseases, and pharmaceutical overkill for profit!

Simple things like making stock from beef bones or a chicken carcass, obtaining the nutrients from those bones which are crucial for our health- grilling meat and then eating it throughout our week, making our own soups and stews- real, healthy foods that build the health of our bodies in a huge and uber important way- foods that have been largely abandoned in modern, Government subsidized grain based diets that sabatoge our diets, destroy our health, and ensure that we are addicted to a diet that makes us very sick, and very fat, but does not kill us, as long as we take the many very expensive drugs that mask the symptoms of our many diseases, but do not effect any cure of the underlying cause.

And that is because the cure is very simple- eat real foods, mostly prepared at home, and do real exercise!!

Not joint destroying exercise like heavy weight training, or prescriptions for overtraining like P-90X or Crossfit or any of all of those overkill protocols- and no jogging/running for endless miles that only destroy your joints and muscle tissue, and produce massive amounts of cortisol, the stress hormone, that will actually encourage your body to store fat at the same time it is destroying muscle...

No- you want simple, classic, timeless, Perfectly Paleo Exercise, especially in the form of virtual resistance exercise!
But, unless you are from before the 1970’s, you know nothing of Charles Atlas and his “dynamic tension”, and even if you are from the 1970’s and past you probably never heard of Arnold Schwarzenegger “posing” for contest prep, or of Bruce Lee and his katas and isometric holds.

All of these were expressions of the most ancient, effective, and powerful methods of training ever discovered- Virtual Resistance Training!

This is a good modern terminology for this ultimate exercise, that requires NO equipment, can be done anywhere at any time, and builds muscle and strength without any wear and tear on the joints and tendons whatsoever-

It actually builds tendon strength as it also strengthens muscle tissue, avoiding injury from the get-go!

And so- how do you do it?  I will refer you to my site-  

I have several short videos of how to do these exercises there for you.  You can also get my ebook Perfectly Paleo Exercise with similar videos and links.  The most comprehensive example of how to do virtual resistance is at 

John Peterson and Wendy Pett do a great job demonstrating the basics of virtual resistance training!

I know- it almost seems too simple and easy...

And it is simple- but not easy- generating the resistance yourself is every bit as taxing and difficult as lifting weights, and takes a LOT of mental concentration that weights do not as much- but the results are actually superior, and will build a far more symmetrical or beautiful type of lean, defined physique than will weights, that build a bulky, or blocky type of look, with a fat butt and bulging abdomen.  And virtual resistance will also NOT build a “skinny-fat” body, as will endless aerobics or long distance running.

Virtual Resistance exercise will build a natural, balanced, pleasing and symmetrical physique that is like that represented in ancient Greek statues-
a physique that is strong in real world terms of strength!  A body that has tendons that can throw, lift, twist, bend and squat- a body ready for action, NOT for the lifting platform, the posing dias, or any other artificial event...


Now scroll down to the next entry, and see some demonstrations of Virtual Resistance Exercise to get the idea... and then incororate them into your daily routine!!

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