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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Cure your Hemorrhoids cheaply, safely, and naturally!

PQTD 60 Cure your hemorrhoids cheaply, safely, and naturally

OK, my friends- this has to rank right up there with most awkward podcasts/articles ever- but no less important for all of that!  When I read that 75% of people will experience the pain and suffering of hemorrhoids throughout their lives, I realized that I had better weigh in on this important matter, since it can be every bit as painful and debilitating as bad tooth pain!  Extreme pain, in either end of the body, whether teeth, or bottom, can pretty much derail your life and happiness.  Fortunately, through an ancestral or paleo type of lifestyle and diet, all three can not only be cured, but actually prevented and stopped for good!

But today, let’s talk hemorrhoids!

Not getting enough fiber from copious amounts of vegetables, preferably green veggies, can be an instigator.  Couple that with not enough liquid throughout the day, and straining at stool... coupled with a sedentary lifestyle- you will wind up with hemorrhoids.

But say that NOW, you are plagued with the painful condition, and just want to know how to treat it!  Here is your immediate answer:

Get a bottle of witch hazel at the local drug store.  After having a painful bowel movement, take a thickish wad of tissue, double it over, and then douse with a healthy portion of witch hazel.  Wipe your bottom with the witch hazel, and then repeat!  Perhaps a third time if it is really painful.

This should stop the acute pain!  Next, get a good two-fingers full of coconut oil, and massage it right onto your bottom, onto your anus area itself.  Wash your hands really well!!

Repeat the process each time you have to “go”.  Start fixing yourself a Paleo Green Smoothie each day, and drink it down!  Not only will this fix your lack of green veggies and their accompanying nutrients to repair the damage, it will also serve to prevent the condition from ever happening again.  With a large daily serving, the miracle of a smoothie will also completely hydrate you, and eliminate that other component that leads to ill health.
It really is that simple!  There are literally thousands of procedures, and ointments, creams, and salves, not to mention numerous expensive and painful surgical procedures that are invented to cure this problem...

but this is all that you need!

Like most things in life, the cure is simple, and natural, just as God and nature intended.  You will only be misled by hucksters, corporations, and other charlatans that want to profit from your pain- ignore them!

Witch hazel, and coconut oil- easy cheap and effective!

Oh, and for future tooth pain?

Just start with that coconut oil that you have on hand... each day, as you shower, “oil pull” with a spoonful or so- just swish that coconut oil around your mouth as you shower, and prepare for your day.  This ONE STEP will do more to prevent dental problems than anything else you can do-

And that includes going to the dentist AND brushing and flossing!

Don’t get me wrong, do the brushing and flossing, but the oil pulling rules!

Do these things, and you can give yourself a well-earned pat on the behind!

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