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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Paleo Quick Tip of the Day #58 Cut the Government Gluten- but Embrace the Real Nutrients

The big thing now, nutritionally, is to go “gluten free”, and believe me, that is a fad that is worth following!  Gluten, from wheat primarily in the American Standard American Diet aka S.A.D. is a protein found in wheat that is extremely caustic and damaging over time to the intestines of mammals.  It was increased greatly in the 1970’s in what was called at the time “The Green Revolution”, when wheat was altered to increase yields.

And it did increase yields, big time!  Unfortunately, nobody thought to test things like increased “anti-nutrients” like gluten and gliadin in this new wheat- they just looked at the yields, and went ahead full bore, replacing the wheats of the bible and before like Spelt and Einkorn that waved majestically 6 feet or more in the air, and replaced them with squat, gluten loaded monstrosities that yielded many more grains per acre, but at a as-of- then undetermined cost in side effects.  And so, yes, please, give up gluten!

But this is not the end of the story, and to simply replace all of our beloved processed foods and junk food with those made without gluten is an improvement, but rather slight when compared to gaining real health!  Along with eliminating wheat, we need to start adding in all of the nutrients that wheat has replaced over the years- cut the wheat, but vastly increase the green veggies, the cultured full fat dairy (preferably raw), the organ meats, and the FAT!

This is probably the hardest concept to get across to people who have never really experienced the benefits of an ancestral or paleo type of diet.  After being brainwashed for over 50 years to cut the fat- eat low fat this and that, and skimmed milk, and margarine instead of butter- it is hard for folks to fathom that yes, indeed, their grandparents had been right, and modern medical advice has been dead wrong for at least 50 years.

The truth?  Orange juice is bad- it’s just sugar water- ditto all fruit juices.  And sugar is worse for you than smoking cigarettes- really!  It is the most cancer stimulating substance known- also, it will cut your insulin sensitivity, setting you up for diabesity, which is just the first stage of diabetes, obesity, progressive heart disease, cancer and alzheimer’s and many other auto-immune diseases.  They all get started in your “leaky gut”, which begins with wheat and sugar, continues with the ravages of industrial seed oils like soy and corn and canola and peanut, margarine and other nutrient lacking oils...

Take charge- cut gluten, then add in lots of fat- pastured butter, free range eggs, lots of wild caught seafood  (sardines are great) cod liver oil, and everything I recommend you put into your daily Paleo Green Smoothie!

This fulfills the package, and lets your body truly rebuild and thrive from the inside out, repairing all the damage that has been done eating the “low fat LIE” diet over the years.  Cook for yourself and your family, go back to the days when we provided our nutrition for ourselves using real God made foods from nature, and turn your back on man made, processed foods promoted by Big Government and Big Corporations through subsidies provided by your tax dollars...

Throw out the Government Gluten, but at the same time embrace Real Foods with Natural Nutrients!

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