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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Paleo Quick Tip of the Day #22- Get Fit, Strong and Healthy- AND get a Natural Facelift in the Process!!!

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I know, this sounds like a crazy infomercial... but it is TRUE, and actually rather easily achievable- every last bit of it!  How?

As you know, following a Paleo or ancestral type of diet is key for health- but did you know that the easiest, fastest, and most sustainable way to achieve such results is...


It really is that simple!

Take about a handful, or a cupful, or whatever you shake out into your Vitamix blender (no exacting recipes here, thank you!) of mixed frozen or fresh veggies- I like the California Mix from Wal-Mart and most groceries- cauliflower, broccoli, carrots) and then add another handful of either collards, spinach, kale- a leafy green dude!  Whatever you have on hand- fresh or frozen- doesn’t matter!

When you mix this into an instant smoothie meal replacement by adding a liquid like green or white tea, coconut milk, and a little bit of citrus fruit like a lemon, orange, and a handful of berries, fresh or frozen- you are giving your body the most incredible source of nutrients that you possible could offer!  “Hurray YOU” says your body!

You see, most of us are vastly overfed and undernourished. This means that we get too many calories that are devoid of nutrients that our bodies need desperately...

And not nearly enough of the micronutrients that we need to be fit, strong, and healthy!  The GREEN VEGETABLES, primarily, that we need in GREAT QUANTITY TO BE OUR HEALTHIEST, FITTEST, AND BEST!

Quite frankly, it is difficult to follow the Paleo diet... if you do it without a daily Paleo Green Smoothie!  It’s almost impossible to get enough greens and veggies to make it really happen, like it did in primeval times when our ancestors would literally gather and chew these veggies, ALL DAY LONG!!

We don’t live like that today... but, we can accomplish the exact same thing, but even BETTER by putting our veggies into a Vitamix and blending them into an easily assimilable Paleo Smoothie that we can drink, easily and effortlessly.

And just why is this so great?

Because if we get all of these wonderful nutrients, in their natural form (not supplements!), from God-made veggies and fruits and pastured eggs and teas and butter and spices... WE ARE GIVING OUR BODIES EVERYTHING THEY NEED, AND HAVE BEEN LACKING, IN MOST CASES FOR YEARS AND YEARS!
When your body at last has all the nutrients it needs, it shuts off your appetite!

The reason you are probably constantly hungry is that your body needs nutrients to build, and maintain your body’s health and wellness!

If you give it nutrient poor food, like the Standard American SAD diet- it will say over and over and over again- I’m Hungry- EAT!

And, if you continue to give it man made food, i.e. CRAP; your body will STILL be hungry, although storing fat all over your body, and especially all over your FACE!

Give your body a Paleo Green Smoothie each day, and a huge change happens, and it happens FAST.

Almost immediately, your skin clears- hey- the body has enough nutrients now!

Next, fat starts melting away- hey- the body is no longer hungry- it has nutrients in plenty to build and repair with!  The body even says Hey- we should work out, since we have the nutrients available to build muscle- and let’s get rid of this worthless fat- we have enough nutrients coming in, this must be a time of plenty- let’s build up and be strong!

The thing I notice the most, in folks who start incorporating a daily Paleo Smoothie, loaded with greens and veggies is-

Besides the fact that their skin and hair look amazingly healthy and glowing, their face is WAY thinner, more defined, and without that BLOAT that is so typical of modern Americans- THEY ACTUALLY LOOK LIKE MODELS!

Cheekbones show up, the double chin disappears, and even wrinkles seem to be gone...

All from a Paleo Green Smoothie, made easily in a Vitamix blender, in your own kitchen??

Yes, it really is that simple and easy!

This is the ONE magic bullet that I recommend to ALL- and you can get it with free shipping at the link at

But, even if you don’t order it there, just get one, and more importantly use it on a regular basis!  NOTHING, and I really mean NOTHING is more beneficial to your health and appearance that this one simple step- NOTHING!


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